This guide provides the AFK Arena Abyssal Expedition strategy and tips to help you get all of the rewards from this event with ease and fast!

Guide was shared by MajestiC Militia’s team.

Abyssal Expedition Guide for Beginners


abyssal expedition

Abyssal Expedition is a returning event which is unlocked after 15-40 in the campaign.This event is a time consuming, unique gameplay experience compared to the rest of AFK Arena.

Signups by now would have ended for honorable vs casual, but players who are late may still enter the event.


70 players including you, are placed on a Large scale map where you must capture tiles to improve your strength and obtain relics.

These players will be those who enrolled in the same type of enrollment (honorable vs casual) with guildmates filling every slot and if there aren’t enough guild members enrolled for a full 70, other guilds are randomly used to patch the holes.

Abyssal Expedition Gameplay


These are enemy spaces allocated across the map with increasing strength the closer to bosses you get. Capturing and maintaining tiles rewards you with blessed essence and relics, which are used to strengthen your roster inside of Abyssal Expedition.

garrison settlements

You may only attack tiles adjacent to a tile you own or a connected ally’s tile. You are often given the option to “Garrison” a hero.

This has no downside and just increases essence gain on that tile (Don’t forget to garrison your starting tile!)

Blessed Essence and Relics

Blessed Essence and Relics

Blessed essence is used to craft relics inside the elder tree branches (Sustenance, Sorcery, Might, Fortitude, and Celerity.)

These relics can also be dropped over time by camps. Relics are built prioritizing one or two trees, more info in the strategy section.

Martial Ratings

ALL heroes are set to the Lowest Level on your crystal/10 240, gear is fully equalized to tier 1 mythic gear, and faction bonuses are applied only if the hero is actively wearing mythic faction gear (does not need to be tier 1.)

ALL elder tree, signature items, and furniture bonuses are also applied.

Artifacts and union bonuses are not applied. Heroes must be E+ or above to be used in Abyssal.


Titles are where rewards are obtained as well as increase your total titles able to be owned and relic maximum levels. These are completed through quests involving basic AE mechanics.

abes tiles

Food / Stamina

Blessed Essence Food is AE’s form of stamina, Limiting the amount of tiles you can take and meaning you need to maximise your efficiency when taking tiles.

Each hero slot starts with 60 stamina, and an average battle takes 12 stamina to start (higher tier settlements are more costly, as are bosses), you can get a maximum of 6 stamina refunded by:

  • Winning in 30 seconds.
  • Not losing any hero in the fight.
  • Successfully completing the battle.


Here is an example of how you should path.

new abyssal expedition map

Quick Guide to Abyssal Expedition

Heroes for Abyssal Expedition

Here’s the meat and potatoes of the guide!

Players must choose between going left or right upon entry to AE.

Ideally, just pick the side that corresponds to those in your timezone or those you know you can communicate with. (Note for players running celerity there is a small advantage to going right side which I’ll get into.)

Upon spawning in I suggest making 1 team made of your best PvE comp (Ideally not a cheese team for stamina quests), and one team of self-sustaining or strong AOE heroes for low tile clearing.

My personal favorite starting teams are:

rowantasi safiyaeironnlyca

rowantalene ezizhdaimonelijah lailah

And other strong heroes for pathing are:


When taking tiles, try to focus on upgrades of two For example, don’t abandon a plains tile for a village 1, but do abandon a plain for a village 2. Try to use 1-2 heroes for plains and weaker tiles.

Which Relics To Build?

In this AE, we have no requirement for final boss based on tree, this means that the meta will likely be more simple compared to other bosses.

I without a doubt suggest celerity for EVERY player unless you physically do not own more than 5 celerity heroes at E+ or above.

Celerity has proven to be the most efficient for pathing, which then means you get more tiles, more essence, and more total relics to then invest into other classes.

This does not mean other classes cannot work, and this is a BETA version of AE meaning there are no leaderboards, so I fully encourage testing. Do not swap off your primary tree until relic level 4 at the absolute earliest, however, I’d keep it until around core level 5 and 1-2 mythic relics.

(When doing quests that require all core relics at level 3, and 4 legendary relics, go for the Legendary relics first.)

An average player will be able to build 3 or even 4 relic trees by the end of the event so there’s Lots of room for testing if you belong to a Larger guild or just enjoy experimentation.

Hero Priority

Here is an example hero roster throughout the event may look like this. Note that rosters vastly differ from player to player, and I am trying to use these examples as an average player.

hero to bring in abex

Tips and Tricks

  1. Always communicate with your militia/guild, either through in game chat, DMs, or discord.
  2. Use the “Settle” feature on a plains tile connected to a boss for 5% damage boost.
  3. Enemies such as Orthros, Flora, Oden, Thoran, Nemora, or Tasi may be more difficult to fight early on.
  4. When unlocking new hero slots, use the stamina from your best 5 and add them to the new slots to instantly give them 60 food.
  5. Avoid using 4x and sometimes even 2x so you don’t accidentally wipe out. Restarting only costs 1 food, losing costs 12.

What Rewards To Get?

abyssal expedition rewards

Advanced Abyssal Expedition Guide

new abyssal expedition map

This time the Abyssal Expedition map is divided into two.

  • The West side of the map will be Team A, the East side of the map will be Team B.
  • Each side of the map is FURTHER divided into 3 sections, and then a final center section shared by both sides.
  • The path we’ll take to the boss winds heavily, partially due to natural barriers on the map, and partially to avoid pathways where large cities block our path.
  • Teams A and B are NOT class-specific this time, they will both be mixed

Team A:

  • Zone 1 – Gate 1A: Bottom Cecilia Gate: 45, 125
  • Zone 2 – Gate 2A: Thane: 76, 60
  • Zone 3 – Gate 3A: Demonic Entity (Evil Nemora): 130, 87

Team B:

  • Zone 1 – Gate 1B: Bottom Cecilia Gate: 208, 135
  • Zone 2 – Gate 2B: Baden: 173, 201
  • Zone 3 – Gate 3B: Grotesque Mage (Idre): 121, 175

Team leaders will be your go to for questions, assistance, and will also regularly set bookmarks on the map that are available to the entire militia. This will be especially helpful in Zones 2 and 3, where we have to make our way around or through several intermediate way points.

Both teams will meet up in Zone 4 for the final boss gate: Ainz and Albedo

Which side should I choose at the start?

When entering the event for the first time, you will have a choice of which side to spawn on.

In order to keep the sides well balanced, it’s better to assign everyone a team by the leader.

There will be a dedicated channel for each team, and that is where ALL of your coordination should happen, since the members on the other team will be kept entirely separate from you until the end of the event when we converge in Zone 4 to fight the final boss.

Abyssal Expedition Collaborative Strategy

Food / Stamina

The most efficient way to progress is to waste as little food as possible, while still advancing your power and the guild’s position as quickly as possible.

Because of this we are:

  1. Fighting as few bosses as possible in the early stage.
  2. Heavily relying on the collaborative play.

Stamina cost/bonus rules:

Each star that you get when you win a battle will return 1/6th your stamina cost to you. So a 3-star win will return half your stamina.

  • 3 star win bonus = stamina cost/2
  • 2 star win bonus = stamina cost/3
  • 1 star win bonus = stamina cost/6
  • Redo cost = stamina cost/12

The difference between a 1-star win and a 3-star win is the same as the cost of 4 redos.

The difference between a 1-star win and a 2-star win, or a 2-star win and a 3-star win is the same as the cost of 2 redos.

The most efficient way to play is to always aim for three-star wins, and to then try and achieve those wins with as few heroes as possible.

Collaborative Strategy

Tier 5 Settlements and above have multiple lineups, which is where collaborative play starts really coming into effect.

By teaming up, players can defeat tiles too powerful for them to take on individually.

And even when a player can win a tile on their own, beating it with someone else often means you can win at higher stars and therefore lose less food.

If player A and B each take a Town II on their own and win at one star, that costs TWICE AS MUCH as if they team up and can win together at three stars.

Creating and Removing Paths

Players have the ability to attack any tile adjacent to any of your own tiles, AND any tile controlled by any other militia member that is connected to your tiles.

By building paths together we can cover a lot more territory and reach and move a lot quicker.

Do NOT break the path that people are relying on. This goes both for the central path to the gate, and branching paths to clusters of cities.

Your team leaders will tell you when you can let go off the path.

Settle – Player Encampments


Players have the ability to “settle” on any empty tile by taking it and then clicking the “settle” button. That will put a little encampment picture and their name on the map.

Settlements connected to boss fights will mean you do more damage against bosses so you never fight a boss without an encampment connected.

But we also use encampments to communicate.

Keep your encampment on your furthest ahead empty tile in the path. This will make it easier to see who is connected where, and who risks being stranded by breaking paths.

Settlement placement is how we monitor guild progression and decide where to drop path – you must have a settlement at all times, and you must keep it as progressed as possible.

settlement connect abyssal expedition

At a boss gate and not sure if your settlement is connected? Look at the top of the main boss screen, if your settlement is connected, they’ll be a little castle symbol next to the Boss’s health bar.

Player Roles

Nukers are our players who are going to be doing very high boss damage. This means having a strong base of celerity heroes that enable you to move aggressively through the event, and having the core damage heroes for your boss with proper skills and a strong tree investment.

If you’re not a nuker, you’re a runner.

Nukers and runners will have different strategies, goals, and limits.


Nukers are going to play much more aggressively than Runners in order to maximise their relics earlier to get the first boss down as quickly as possible while the runners are waiting for their relics to get stronger for a couple days.

In order to maximize relics early, nukers will aim to meet much higher essence benchmarks earlier on.

Nukers will put their boss damage team in upon reaching baron and will leave them alone for the duration of the event. This means you will be going healerless until the final boss.


Runners will attack the boss when we reach it as well in order to hit the 45m damage for Duke, but they will then sit and wait for their relics to get more powerful while Nukers take the boss down for the first time.

Things runners can do but nukers can’t:

  • Use Rowan before the final boss (but use him as little as possible please, he is going to be important for your boss damage)
  • You can slot your primary boss team after reaching Marquis instead of Baron
  • When you slot in heroes 10 to 15 (and even heroes 15 to 20 if need be), you can remove your primary heroes (after playing them close to 0) and put your new heroes in on your old hero slots (so your new heroes start at 0) and put your old heroes in the newly unlocked slots (so that they get the 60 stamina).

Keep in mind though, all these things limit the stamina you have to hit the final boss, so only do these things if it’s truly necessary.

Runners cannot take t5s in zone 1 and have limits on the number they can take in Zone 2. In total, runners are limited to ONE T7 and FIVE T6s.

This is both so that there are enough t7s and t6s for nukers, and because t7s are really cost inefficient. They take twice as much stamina as t6s but only give 48 more essence (with garrison filled). Runners usually take tiles less efficiently than Nukers and the difference between a one star and three star win with a t7 is 16 stamina (4 hours worth). A player with high essence but low stamina is useless.

Yes, T7 drop legendary relics and so they look enticing but it takes SEVEN days for a single T7 to drop a relic compared to 2 days for T5s and T6s. The more of a type of settlement you have the faster they drop, but you need a whopping EIGHT T7s in order to get the drop rate to under a day. Whereas at only five T5s and T6s, your settlements are already dropping relics twice a day. By the time you’re at 30 T5s they’re dropping relics less than every two hours. T6s and T5s also have no faction penalties, and have lower garrison requirements that are easier for runners to meet. A T5 with a hero garrisoned earns as much as a T6 with no hero. A T5 with a hero garrisoned earns only 40 less than a T7 with no hero. T5s are your FRIEND.

Having mostly elite relics is also less risky than having legendary relics, because there’s a high chance of getting legendaries you can’t use and therefore must sell (and relics get sold at a loss). Relic selling is also immensely complicated, so this lets runners minimise this headache.

There are NO LIMITS for runners on tiles in Zone 4, but remember that plain path in Zone 4 requires 3 teams and are more difficult than most T7s, so factor that in – its super wasteful to burn a lot of stamina to get one or two higher level settlements.

Essence and Relics

Leveling relics is expensive and so you want to focus on one relic and level it first, then level your secondary relic, and you’ll have 2-3 relics that you don’t level at all until it’s required by a quest.

2 quests will require that you raise all of your core relics to a certain level. But for the vast majority of the game, you’ll have the ability to keep one core relic as the most powerful and it benefits you to do so.

Don’t raise a relic you have no heroes on until it’s required.

It is cheaper/more efficient to use relics (the little ones that drop, not core relics) than to buy relics with essence. This is because relics can only be sold at a loss.

So if it doesn’t matter to you which relic you buy next, try to buy the one you have the most lower-level relics for and need the least essence to buy.

And remember, only go upgrade your relics right before you start attacking

If you log on, collect, but don’t have time to fight: wait to purchase. Because by the time you do have time to fight, your villages may have dropped more relics and you can spend less essence on your upgrade.

Not all relics are created equal – they all have different stats. Some are purely defense, some are heavy on the attack.

Add attack relics first.

Best Heroes for Abyssal Expedition

Starting Out: Celerity

Celerity in Abyssal

For the vast majority of abyssal, you will want to play only heroes that correspond to your primary and secondary relics.

The VAST MAJORITY of your power comes from these relics, so an E+ hero on a highly leveled relic will be way more powerful than a five-star hero on a low leveled relic.

And remember, you want to build as few relics as possible.

Your starting relic should be celerity.

It is the most powerful relic, it has the most number of heroes on it, and celerity heroes are especially good at fighting solo, so they’re very efficient to use for clearing path.

They can do high damage but also have good dodge and defence and control, and they have great synergy with each other and don’t require other support or protection heroes.

If you do not have enough celerity heroes, you can instead path with mage, but you will go slower and they will be more reliant on support heroes.

Runners who struggle can put Rowan in early if they need because he works great without much relic support, but please use him sparingly, as he is critical for your boss damage.

abyssal expedition starting heroes

  • Celerity (first 10): Eironn, Lyca, Lucretia, Athalia, Drez, Tidus, Ezio, Nako, Farael, Cecila
  • Celerity (backup heros): Kelthur, Fawkes, Theowyn, Gwyneth, Thane, Kaz, Vurk, Oscar

We will STOP building celerity BEFORE we get to 5.0 (exact stop number will be announced in chat) and then we will switch to building up our Mage or Warrior relics instead

Advanced Starting Strategy: The Hero Swap

At the very beginning, it can be strategic to put in one good cross-relic team in with good synergy, and play them until they’re out of food, and then swap out whichever ones aren’t celerity.

For example, you could put in Eironn, Lyca, Skriath, Safiya, and Farael, and then take out Skriath and Safiya.

The goal is to use this team to take down more powerful tiles, and use the pathing heroes on your other team to take blank tiles with a team of less than 5 (ideally one or two heroes)

Because you have no relics at the beginning of the game, heroes on your primary relic are just as powerful as heroes that aren’t.

And the first time you put a hero in a slot, they get 60 stamina, but when they are removed and a new hero is put in, that hero starts at 0 – no matter how much the removed hero had.

So if you have a hero with 120 stamina and you remove it and swap it, you lose 120 stamina.

So you can put in a solid cross-relic team in and burst your way through as many tiles as you can. Once your heroes are all out of stamina, remove them. This is when you put in your primary relic heroes.

Do NOT do this if you cannot play your first team down to (close to 0), and do not do this if you think you’ll really need relics to progress early!

ainz albedo teams abbysal expedition

Boss Albedo Teams

  • MAIN TEAM: Safiya, Belinda, Twins, Rowan, Rosa
  • SECOND TEAM: Solise, Ainz, Shemira, Mehira, Lorsan
  • THIRD TEAM: Santrana, Nimusu, Silas, Flora, Raine

If you do not have Safiya for the main team, put in Ainz or Shemira. If you don’t have all three teams of these heroes that’s fine, put in as many as you can, and supplement with the extra celerity heroes.

When we get to the boss, ask us for help with hero placement because hero placement for Albedo is ridiculously complicated and change the amount of damage your team does by a LOT

Nukers: Put in your Safiya team when you hit Baron, regardless of how many mage teams you can build

Runners: Your primary boss team can instead be put in when you hit Marquis

Boss Ainz Teams

  • MAIN TEAM: Izold, Saurus, Twins, Rowan, Warek
  • MARQUIS ADDS: Rigby, Baden, Gwen, Rosa, Estrilda
  • DUKE ADDS: Wu Kong, Numisu, Kelthur, Silas, Vurk

Put your main team in when you hit Baron. We are NOT sure about the exact lineup of teams 2 through 5, but this is at least the order you’ll be putting heroes in.

Off-Class Hero Selection

Okay, sometimes you just really need a specific skill not filled by anyone in your main classes. That’s ok!

But be REALLY careful about who you add and read the specifics of their skill BEFORE adding them. For example, let’s look at a few healers:

  • Nemora: heals allies for 30% of her own maximum health
  • Saurus: (signature skill) heals allies for 150% of his own attack rating
  • Rowan: heals allies for 30% of their maximum health
  • Talene: allies recover 150% of her own attack rating as health
  • Numisu: (rejuvenating totem) heals nearby allies for 130% of their attack rating
  • Numisu: (ultimate skill) heals 2 allies for 400% of his own attack power

 Why does this matter?

Because any hero off-class will have tiny stats compared to the heroes in a class you have a powered-up relic for.

If Nemora’s health is 30, she heals you for 10. But if her allies’ health is 300 or 3000, that 10 extra health does nothing.

So even super-duper OP heroes like Talene and Saurus can be pretty useless off-class.

Rowan is ideal for off-class use.

His potions heal teammates for 30% of their max health. So if Rowan’s health is 30, and his allies health is 1000, when his allies’ health drops to 500, they’ll drink one of the potions and have their health restored by 300. His other main skills also work well off class. Stunning an enemy for 4 seconds works equally well regardless of his stats. He also gives his allies energy (fixed numbers, not variable) and he increases their attack rating by 30% of their attack rating.

It’s really critical to carefully read the skills of any hero you put in off-class.

Don’t just go off of how these heroes function normally. Putting them in off-class is kinda similar to taking them off the crystal and still using them.

Keep in mind also that off-class heroes are gonna be very squishy and are inclined to dying quickly. So Nara will still hook her enemy, but she’ll probably die shortly after that.

Again Rowan is an example of an ideal hero in this respect, both because he’s got relatively good survivability when underpowered, and because his cart remains after he dies and the remaining potions can still be used by his allies.

The majority of Silas’ DO skills work off-class but he hasn’t been tested during Abyssal and his survivability is a major concern.

How do gears work in ABEX?

All gear is standardized to Mythic Tier 1, BUT if a hero is equipped with faction gear (as long as its at least mythic), they WILL get the faction bonus.

This is a pretty huge deal as faction bonuses boost stats by 30%. They especially help Rangers with dodge, Mages with crit and haste, and Warriors with physical resist and haste. If you can put your heroes in faction gear, do it.


early game abyssal expedition relics

This is a rough guide to what kind of settlements you can take with how many relics.

The first number is the number for the level of your core relic, the second number indicates how many blessed relics you have activated on that relic.

So 4.2 is a level 4 core relic with two blessed relics activated.

Do NOT shoot for things way too powerful for you, it’s a waste of energy.

Remember we’re trying to maximize 3 star wins, so work with each other, ESPECIALLY when it comes to faction cities.

For harder settlements, PLEASE remember to take 4x speed off so that you have time to quit the battle if you’re gonna die.

Lineups to avoid

Heroes to watch out for: Flora, Orthos, Brutus, Oden, Nemora

Some lineups are waaaay harder than others.

Last time during late game when I was able to beat almost every City II with 3 stars, there were still some lineups I just couldn’t beat because I didn’t have the right heroes for that lineup.

That’s okay, play to your strengths and try to avoid wasting energy on your weaknesses.

Remember you can always ask for lineup help in chat, and you should be teaming up as much as possible.

attacking boss in abyssal expedition

Hitting Bosses

When attacking bosses, you can tell how much damage you’re doing (and therefore if you should quit and reset the battle) by watching this symbol.

Each symbol equals roughly 3.7m damage. You can see what damage other people are doing against the bosses, if you’re doing tenfold less, quit and save your stamina.

For Ainz and Albedo, the combined total of both circles is your damage counter.

Abyssal Expedition Zones

Zone 1

  • Name: Serpent’s Prairie
  • Titles: Up to Viscount

Spawn Instruction

When entering the event for the first time, you will have a choice of which side to spawn on. In order to keep the sides well balanced, we will be assigning everyone a team.

There will be a dedicated channel for each team, and that is where ALL of your coordination should happen, since the members on the other team will be kept entirely separate from you until the end of the event when we converge in Zone 4 to fight the final boss.

Once you’ve done this, follow the instructions in the best Abyssal Expedition heroes section!

cecilia boss abyssal expedition

Boss Gate: Cecilia

Both Team A and Team B will be fighting Cecilia in this zone.

Team A: Bottom Cecilia Gate: 45, 125

Team B: Bottom Cecilia Gate: 208, 135

Settling: You may have noticed that you have the ability to “settle” on any vacant tile you control. You can ONLY settle on tiles that lack settlements. Settling a tile will create a little encampment with your name, it will look like your encampment on your guild grounds.

If you are settled on a tile connected to a boss gate, you do 5% EXTRA damage against that boss.

So whenever you’re fighting a boss, make sure you’re settled on a connected tile.

Zone 2

  • Name: Whispering Wastes / Weeping Taiga
  • Titles: Up to Earl

Holding a tile in this zone is the last requirement for Earl and you cannot level up again until the next zone

The West side of the map (Team A) has desert tiles, the East side of the map (Team B) has snow tiles.

As with the previous map, this zone is divided by large natural land barriers that limit how you can path to the gate.

All the zones have blocked tiles, but in Zone 2 they start to form walls. Sometimes the walls are impenetrable, and sometimes they have small breaks of high level cities.

We’ve charted out the easiest and most direct path possible. Make sure you look ahead and build path carefully, and please refer to the guild maps!

This zone introduces City II (tier 7), where the garrison hero requirements become a specific hero, not just any hero of a certain faction. It becomes more important to carefully choose who gets what tile at this point. Also with City I and City II the game introduces faction specific cities.

These cities are harder because using any hero not of the specific faction gets a huge penalty: they lose 50% health and are stunned for 5 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 30%.

TEAM A: Thane

boss thane abyssal expedition

TEAM B: Baden

boss baden abyssal expedition

Soul Bound:

Thane and Baden are soul bound together.

When the Boss of one bound gate dies, the other loses 50% of its health but will not die – if the 50% health reduction would take the boss at or below zero, one health point will remain.

This means that we will focus on one boss so as not to waste stamina.

Again, remember to settle in connection to the boss gate for an extra 5% damage

Zone 3

  • Name: Blazing Badlands / Chillbreath Forest
  • Titles: Up to Marquis

Holding a tile in this zone is the last requirement for Marquis and you cannot level up again until the next zone

This section is exactly the same as the last one, just harder.

The red zone introduces City III (tier 8) tiles, and so of course, most of the breaks in walls become T8 cities. We will mostly avoid these and go around instead because they’re massive stamina drains: City III tiles have 3 lineups to beat and they are ALL faction cities.

Everyone will need to take one to achieve Prince eventually, but we’ll do that closer to the end of the event, and we won’t take more than one each. They drop the same relics as City II and only give a small amount more of essence so they just aren’t worth fighting.

By the boss gates at the end of this zone, Team A will have worked their way to being due South on the map, and Team B will have worked their way to being due north on the map.

TEAM A: Demonic Entity (Evil Nemora)

Celerity heroes work just as well against Nemora as mage heroes do, so no need to bust your mages out here the way you would with twisted. We will be taking Nemora down to 50% health, and using the Soul Bond to take her to 1hp and then killing her last hit point

Remember to settle in connection to the boss gate for an extra 5% damage

TEAM B: Grotesque Mage (Idre)

Idre has a super easy workaround to the issue of limited ults: just play one hero at a time. He was surprisingly stamina efficient to kill, so we’ll focus on killing him this time too.

Remember to settle in connection to the boss gate for an extra 5% damage


  • Name: Demonvale
  • Titles: Up to Prince

Holding a tile in this zone and doing 45m damage to Ainz and Albedo are the last requirements for Duke, and you can achieve Prince by doing 100m damage to Ainz and Albedo and the guild successfully killing him the first time

Strategy: After breaking through gates 3A and 3B, we will finally all be in the same zone together! Team B will head due south to Ainz and Albedo while Team A will head due north to Ainz and Albedo. This section the blocked tiles no longer form large walls, but instead occasionally small barriers, so teams can move straight ahead without zig-zagging. Once we arrive at the boss, after placing your encampment, everyone should attack straight away to get 60m damage and level up to Duke, which gets your five extra hero slots.

attacking boss in abyssal expedition

When attacking bosses, you can tell how much damage you’re doing (and therefore if you should quit and reset the battle) by watching this symbol. The combined circles for Ainz and Albedo is your total damage. So 10 Albedo circles and 3 Ainz circles is enough to meet the 45m damage threshold to get Duke. So if you only have 10 circles QUIT the battle. DO NOT WASTE YOUR STAMINA.

FINAL BOSS: Ainz and Albedo

Ainz and Albedo are unlike any of the other bosses because we need to beat them repeatedly. When they die, the final city doesn’t fall, instead, they come back 24 hours later – stronger.

The more times we beat them, the more damage we rack up, and the higher we rank as a guild. Once they respawned for the last time, there’s no point in bothering with his mini-bosses – they don’t contribute to our total damage score

Ainz and Albedo are tricky for two reasons. The first is that they each have severe damage reductions that are class sensitive, Ainz gets an 80% damage reduction from Support and Mage heroes, while Albedo gets an 80% damage reduction from Ranger and Warrior heroes.

Secondly, they each have a rage mechanic that kicks in if the other dies first – so we’re going to want to kill them off as simultaneously as possible. Albedo must ALWAYS die first, because her rage mechanic makes her extremely difficult to kill. We’ve got screenshots of whales doing only 5.2 THOUSAND damage against enraged Albedo.

Position Issues

Position issue when attacking boss in abyssal expedition

Ainz starts the battle in hero position 4, Albedo starts in hero position 2. This means that heroes in position 1 and 3 target Ainz and heroes in position 2 and 5 target Albedo.

An additional complication is that Albedo uses a control skill to stun the enemy closest to Ainz (Ginnungagap). And Ainz’s True Dark skill (part of Magic Caster) deals damage to a targeted hero and leaves them unable to ult for six seconds. True Dark also usually targets heroes based on proximity to Ainz. These control skills desperately need to be diverted. So for example for mages, the twins in position 3 do an amazing job at this because at the beginning of the battle, Lailah jumps in front of the hero in position 1. This means she gets controlled instead of your frontline damage dealer (but not for long because Elijah uses cleanse on her)

A third complication is that the level 5 blessing sustenance heroes use to buff their allies in placement dependant:

Level 5 Blessing: Reduces the amount of damage that is dealt to 1 ally located directly above the hero which is receiving this blessing by 8% and increases their damage output by 8%

Above is determined vertically so position 2 buffs 1, position 4 buffs 3, and position 5 buffs 4.

On top of this, various hero skills are position dependent as well (for example the twins skill Grace prioritises frontline heroes).

Hero placement is therefore absolutely CRITICAL to doing well against the bosses, and so we will tell you exactly what placement to use for each of your teams.

how to deal with albedo

Albedo’s CR Explained

Albedo is tanky AS FUCK and that’s because she has a CR (crit resistance) of 247, and it is absolutely critical to have a CA (crit amplification) number within 30 of that, or your attack value is reduced by too larger percentage (up to 75%)

At 5.0 Mages have a 195 CA, with star (bottom right), torch (middle right), and horn (top right), you’ll hit 219 CA, which is within 30 of 247

After your first attack to hit the 45m damage requirement for Duke, you will wait to continue attacking until your CA is within 30 points of Albedo’s CR

IF you are playing a mage with three mythic pieces of large furniture, you’ll have an added CA of 12, which means with just the first two relics (star and torch), you’ll hit the magic 217 number as well and could then purchase relic 4 before 3. three legendary pieces of large furniture is NOT ENOUGH, as they only increase your CA by 3.9 each instead of 4.0 each, leaving you .3 away from that magic 30 number

IF you have a 9/9 Belinda, she will lower Albedo’s CR by 35 points, meaning with her in the battle, you only need a 5.0 mage relic for all mages fighting with her

If you are using an ascended mage in abyssal but that mage doesn’t have enough legendary or mythic pieces of large furniture, you can steal that furniture from a different mage. The CA value of furniture is tied to the mage class (not the faction). So ideally you would steal from a mage you don’t have in, or you could even rotate your furniture as you play different lineups.

Getting to Prince

Getting prince requires a number of tasks that we will put off.

Most players will not get a T8 until AFTER we’ve killed the boss at least once, possibly twice.

You will also need to raise all of your Core Relics to level 4 – put off doing this until the last few days, as your essence needs to go to your primary relics first.

You will also need to capture twenty T6s or higher – runners this will mean you’ll need to wash your T6s (letting go of the tile and retaking it repeatedly).

Again, this should be done in the last few days.Damage from Warrior or Ranger classes is reduced by 80%

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