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Finding it hard to beat the Arcane Labyrinth in AFK Arena? You will love this guide!

Best Relics for AFK Arena Arcane Labyrinth

Credits: whitesushii

afk arena arcane labyrinth relicsArcane Labyrinth Hard Mode:

The player unlocks hard-mode Labyrinth after clearing stage 9-24. It is essentially a harder Floor 3 with better overall rewards (excluding Lab Tokens) and the boss Wrizz who drops one of 3 rewards at random.

Since this is the same boss as the one found in guild hunts, your generic guild hunt lineup will work. Furthermore, additional strategies such as using Kaz with the Death’s Bite relic or Lightbearers using Silver Arrow are amazing too.

Since Labyrinth Token drops don’t increase in Hard Mode with the exception of Wrizz, if the player isn’t confident beating him then there’s no point doing hard mode. It is also worth noting that you can retry as many times as you want but if your heroes die (wipe), you lose the option to challenge him again so be careful when fighting him.

Tips for Arcane Labyrinth

  • Besides fighting for rewards, fights also give relics which makes the run more do-able later on so try to go for red flags followed by brown as much as possible (without sacrificing too many fights overall
  • You should also turn-off auto-battle once your carry has gotten an ultimate off so you can conserve the energy for a big initial burst going into the next fight
  • Mercenaries can be used through the run so picking up someone like Talene from a whale friend or just solid supports such as Rowan will make your run a lot smoother (not to mention a single rent lasts you for 3-4 Labyrinth runs over the week)
  • When you use Dura’s Tear, every hero shown including the ones grey’ed out will have both their health and energy restored
  • The roamer offers 10 faction emblems at 1500 diamonds which is the best value for players too impatient to wait for events
  • If you really can’t beat the Labyrinth on the day you start it, wait till tomorrow once you have stronger heroes from AFK-ing.


Each Labyrinth fight gives a fixed amount of labyrinth tokens and some hero xp as well as gold which scales to your stage. Since only fights give rewards, the player should maximize the number of battles as opposed to picking up heroes or fountains.

In terms of tokens, the player can expect 3925 tokens per run without hard mode which translates to 58,875 tokens per month or 23 days per elite hero.

If the player were to run hard mode, he will obtain an average 4925 tokens per run, 73,875 tokens per month, or 19 days per elite hero.

As an additional note, the token bonus from VIP13 only applies to the floor re-wards and not Wrizz himself

Quick Arcane Labyrinth Guide for Each Floor:

  • First Floor: Look up the relic tier list – learn which ones are the best. Start the floor – pick your team. Then fight the boss with selecting ANY of the water (LIFE things) OR the resurrection things. Start first over if you have to, if you are starting early in the game you might have to use one or two tears but you not be using many.
  • Floor 2 – pick relics (remember tier list) and teams – be very selective and only select the water and resurrection when you have to.
  • Floor 3: Fight and move in the direction of the water as needed.

I have used this one both my old and new accounts and I have 10+ tears on each. I only use tears on ‘Hard Mode’.

I don’t have team tips and the other fancy team synergy stuff. Others can post that below.

Dealing with Wrizz in Arcane Labyrinth Hard Mode

Hard mode Wrizz can be a pain! Hopefully this guide can help!

wrizz afk arena

  1. Wrizz’s faction is Maulers, so use LBs! (Estrilda, Belinda, Lucius, Thane)
  2. Wrizz’s weakness is damage (haha), so use Shemira, Baden, Isabella
  3. Kaz with the posion relic is also effective
  4. Baden is extremely effective against Wrizz, because he has high DPS and his clones can be sacrificed for Wrizz’s deadly fire skill.
  5. If you use LB, get the faction bonus relics
  6. Always take the “hard mode buff” relics
  7. Deathly embraceThunderblustEagle Strike, energy buff relics, yes!
  8. The new Lucius shield relic is OP
  9. Any relics which buff LB or GB are next in line
  10. After that +ATK/+DEF relics!
  11. Lower priority are any relics which target multiple enemies or do pre or post-battle stuff
  12. Did I mention Baden is amazing? Give him your best gear and he will do massive damage even at E or E+ ascension!

Labyrinth Guide for mid-late game: No more Tears

Just started seeing a trend of people who complain about not having enough Dura’s tears. I mean what did Dura ever do to you!

So yeah, I only ever use tears once in a while, which says that it is entirely possible to finish Lab and Wrizz consistently without Tears.
It’s always important to complete Lab and if you’re not confident, even Normal mode finishes would do. Because completion brings you a Completion reward and also Milestone Achievement awards like the 45k Lab coins. So yeah, know your own level first.

Hard mode completion brings more rewards and Wrizz brings a little more. If you’re not completing it regularly and this guide fails to help you, still try to progressively finish Normal mode first consecutively, before you tackle Hard mode and lastly Hard with Wrizz. Think of it as 3 modes that you need to progress through.

If you’re not confident of finishing because of poor hero pickups at those Lab taverns, play it safe and tone down your level 3. Minimize tear usage as much as possible so you can realistically plan your upcoming attempts. Don’t diminish your future attempts by trying to salvage a bad one.

I will go through the main points I feel that have helped move from a occasional completer to a consistent completionist. They are hero choices including tavern pickups, gameplay strategy and relic choices.

1. Hero Choices
While my list is limited to who I’ve experimented with, it should give you a general idea of what to do.
My hero list is not extensive so do add your suggestions in comments yeah.

Always check taverns by clicking on them before you start levels 1 n 2, to see what heroes they have. No point going to a Tavern with less useful heroes. While picking up good heroes is important, it’s just as important to avoid useless ones cos you need the Relics.

1st Lab Battle please include Lyca if possible. The Haste will get you going, even if you don’t need her for subsequent battles.

Normal/Hard Completion heroes
Nemora, Tasi, Fawkes, Ferael, Arden (Tavern pickup), Mehira, Grezhul, Nara, Khasos, Hendrick, Eiron, Brutus, Twins (can be good for Wrizz but a liability sometimes)

Completion with Wrizz
Lucius, Shemira, Lorsan, Rosaline, Rowan, Isabella, Baden (only Wrizz mostly), Orthros.

Assasins like Kaz and Silvania (Tavern) can be OK, but battle can drag on. Even Antandra can be decent.

You will see that completing the ‘Lab with Wrizz’ heroes being applicable to normal finishes, but not the other way around. Ferael might be the exception at higher levels though.

Some of those heroes I put in normal/hard complete, like Grezhul, Brutus, Antandra, Khasos, etc. can fair ok vs Wrizz. They are still useable if you don’t have all the optimal heroes.

But yeah always try to get a faction advantage going, except with Maulers cos I don’t feel this faction is suited for Lab. The other 3 are fine with right combos. Still, using certain Maulers here n there is still alright, like Brutus, Khasos, etc.

2. Strategy

a. Max out the Ults of heroes you will use by Lab Lvl 1.

I max out the Ults of at least 10 heroes by Lvl1. This way I ensure that I have multiple useable heroes in lvl 3, especially after Wrizz when most of those heroes are depleted. This is only possible with manual gameplay.

So many people love the 2x speed and Auto gameplay. This is NOT actually optimal in EVERY mode of gameplay I feel. Timing Ults can be very useful to disrupt an opponent’s Ult sometimes, e.g. Belinda or Shem, where they have movements just before their Ult goes off. A perfectly timed disable will stop the skill and their Energy goes back to 0. It does require some concentration though.

Manual gameplay is important and you can move to 2x speed if you get the proper rhythm going, like when you know what to do and when to do it. But still, always slow down if you’re unsure cos it gives you a chance to RESET battles. Resetting battles is just as important to ensure that your strategy is not disrupted. This has helped in POT n Expeditions too.

Back to it, manual gameplay allows you to choose particular heroes Ults used per battle. This allows you ready made solutions in Lvl 3 battles than can get tricky, especially if you have saved up disable spells. What’s even better is that by the time you use up those particular Ults in level 3, which kills off most of the teams within seconds, you would have regenerated the Ult again quickly. Heroes like Lucius, Shemira and Ferael can regen their Ults pretty quickly so it helps alot in lvl3.

Manual gameplay, 1x speed, 10 or more heroes with Ult filled up makes lvl 3 easy as pie.

b. Use 2-3 saved up Ults per battle

I use a Shemira so I don’t usually need too much going on in earlier battles, but I always stick to this idea especially in lvl3.

I will activate 1 CONTROL Ult, 1 HEALING Ult and 1 MASS DAMAGE Ult (maybe 2 area damage spells if you don’t have 1 mass) per battle in levels 1 n 2 and sometimes 3.

The point of using just 3 Ults or so per battle (certain lvl3 battles are exceptions where you just need to spam), is to ensure that you have enough Ults going on when you start the next fight. Having to regen everyone’s Ults puts you at the mercy of whatever hero the opposition has. This is perhaps one of the best strategies I’ve used as I can now leave my Shem in front of a Brutus and not worry one bit. I now choose the hardest lvl 3 battles and don’t think twice about them.

The logic is that the mass damage skill will diminish most of the opponent’s HP, while the control spell minimizes damage and the healing spell ensures you have full hp at the end, and counters those guys like Athalia, Thoren, Izzy who will always get you, even with disable. With the right Relics picked up, lvl3 can go like this too, but may require a bit more spamming.

Also, remember to place flimsy heroes away from Athalia, Nara, Shemira, Brutus and Thoren yeah. You can still use them but place them properly.

c. Wrizz

Here you can see the saving up of Ults really paying off. I have actually defeated Wrizz before he cast his first Ult a few times.

Strategy for Wrizz is simple just spam every spell asap.

Slow down the battle so you can replay it when it doesn’t go well

If you have that energy regen item for your 1st cast spell each battle, then cast Lucius or Nemora’ healing spell first. Thereafter, you only ever cast their Ults again just before Wrizz Ults.

This is one of those times when using Dura’s tear can be justified, when you have to replenish everyone’s Ult n health. But avoid doing this regularly and use the saved up Ult method mentioned earlier.

d. After Wrizz
If you have saved up those additional 5 heroes from lvl 1, you will have a full team ready for the next battle.
But I would say just swap in a healer and disabler like Tasi and the next battle is a cinch.

3. Lab Relics

Way too many strategies so feel free to add your input in the comments. As you will see I don’t recall the full list of artifacts so do add on yeah.

Always pick up when you can and mostly in order of importance imo

Hard mode boost
Moon and Sun Stone
Ice and Firebringer
Haste thing
Ghostly Apparition (15 percent instadeath)
Specific faction bonuses, especially if your main team is faction heavy (avoid the Faction Damage Advantage one though)
Energy Regen when cast your first Ult
Intel or Ag hero boost, depending on your lineup
At least one of those that regens your lowest hp hero or critically wounded one.

Worth picking up

Ragespike and that Shield one
Leg artifact that casts Thunderbolts
Leg artifact that damages all enemies for the amount the lowest one took, plus Hunter’s Grasp

If you have to

Energy boost when injured
Energy regen per kill
Poison thing

The shards seem difficult to maximize consistenly. Great benefits, but difficult to complete.

End notes
I run a main Shem, Rosa, Lucius, Tasi n Nemora team. I swap in Fawkes sometimes.
I always aim to pick-up Rowan, Ferael, Lorsan, Izzy, Baden, Arden or Mehira and now Orthros. If I get at least 2 of them, Lab completion with Wrizz is super easy for me.

I think that pretty much covers it for me. Do feel free to add your own opinions to better help other who are struggling and have spilled more tears than needed heh. Cheers!

Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

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