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Arthur Introduction

After a multitude of different team variances with over 5,000 individual test runs through campaign, arena and the tower… It’s a safe bet to say the only confirmed fact about Arthur is that he looks like Hogan.

Now I want to state that I was hesitant about writing some parts of this because I lack a few top tier cards that, in my opinion, anyone making a guide should have in order to be deemed as “credible.” However, Lilith releasing Dimensionals as a new faction has stirred the creative ingenuity part of my brain so here goes my take on Hoga—err.. Arthur.

Investing in Arthur

Most threads you look into about Arthur say he’s useless since he doesn’t grant any faction bonuses or that he isn’t a top tier card because of his lack-luster abilities in his kit. Now, I agree he isn’t someone you’d spend your last $300 on but I will say he deserves more credit than what people gave him. If you want to see Arthur at his peak and make your resources worth the investment, then choose him if you want;

  • A niche Hero with no Faction weakness and AOE
  • To be ahead before future Dimensional expansions
  • Want a tank that will out-compete Lucius in raw stats
  • Need a *trump* card for PVP or PVE

The heartbreaking part of all this is that you need to be in the end game state of your campaign progress. Anything less than end game will make Arthur feel as useless as Hogan’ Fortitude.

Faction Synergies and Tactics

A big negative about Arthur is also his biggest positive. He may not give your team any faction incentives but that also means he isn’t affected by any faction weaknesses. This means he becomes a wall against every Hero, a way to not get melted by Shemira or even a hard target to one shot facing Belinda.

While he blends well with almost every LB, he isn’t a replacement for any Hero in general. I won’t go into detail this time but I’ll throw out some of the better formations I’ve ran and tested. If you’re really curious, just lmk.

arthur guide 1

Arthur has a unique signature item that should not be overlooked. It’s important to keep in mind that I ONLY mix Arthur with four others of the same faction.

Arthur Dream Team

If you have money to spend, spend it on Arthur (+) these four.

arthur dream team

The strategy goes two ways

  1. Kill off Talena, Ezizh or Elijah & Lailah early in order to speed up Mehira’s energy by 2.5 per second (+) Arthur’s damage output by 1.2 per second. All depending on the order of death.
  2. Burst AOE DMG. With Ezizh behind Talena and Mehira in position 4, excluding any start of the fight disables, this will create an AOE chain that will make Talena quadruple her DMG over time.

Arthur (+) 2 Hypogean (+) 2 Celestial will grant a 3×2 faction buff and in these examples, don’t focus on anything but my card tiers and the power level gap.

arthur battle statistics 1

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