Battle of Blood is a perfectly equalized PvP event. It is unlocked at chapter 4-1. You play on a “trophy” system similar to Clash Royale, where wins increase your trophies, and losses reduce them. Note that if one player loses 5, the other will gain 5.

Battle of Blood - Card Drafting Event

You can randomly queue into the full pool of players, or challenge friends/guild-mates directly (Unlimited fights).

The friendly and guild battles do not reward trophies. Once you enter a battle you’ll receive 10 random heroes, as will your opponent.

These heroes are 100% equalized to level 300 full t2 non-faction gear, +30 signature item, and 3/9 furniture. No elder tree effects are in place, resulting in the event being 100% balanced.

Battle of Blood Phases

battle of blood phase 1

Phase 1

Both players receive 10 heroes, you can view your opponents by clicking the eye button in the top right corner.

You start by placing 2 of your maximum of 5 heroes.

Once locked in, these heroes cannot be moved in any way nor removed.

The current test server meta is to start by placing two reliable tanks frontline, but there are many exceptions which I’ll get into.

Phase 2

battle of blood phase 2

The placements of your opponent’s last 2 heroes are revealed to you, and another two heroes are placed by both players.

This is most commonly where you place your sup-ports, disruptive units, or carries.

There are a wide variety of options and I’d consider Phase 2 the most impactful of any phase as it relies on you predicting your opponent and using a superior strategy or countering theirs.

Phase 3

The placements of your opponents other two heroes are revealed once again, and you place your final hero before a completely normal RNG fight plays out.

All of the battles are done similarly to LC style, where the player can appear on the left or right side and ults are auto used.

The winner of the fight receives trophies from the loser based on their current trophy difference.

Battle of Blood Basic Strategy

Generally, Each player tries to develop a synergistic team which is more effective than their opponents, while disrupting the enemy carries.

There are a variety of effective synergies and I simply cannot give a walkthrough of the entirety of the game’s innate synergies and PvP applications.

That’s something for each player to learn themselves.

I will instead list some of the most potent and relevant ones to look for or counter.

Battle of Blood Tier List

As much as I hate to do tier lists, I’m going to try and apply a general level of priority based on a hero’s roles when excluding synergies between placed heroes or counters to enemies.

No Heroes are Weak!

No heroes are weak in this event either, and many may impress you in scenarios that were unexpected. The meta on test has involved a wide variety of heroes and each individual at the top must be adaptable. Don’t disregard a hero just through their PvE utility.

Battle of Blood Tips

  • Avoid Long Queue Times: Try to avoid long queue times, as we’ve found that longer matchmaking results in the system looking at further trophy discrepancies for players. I recommend canceling any queue after 20 seconds. Matches are very quick so you won’t need to wait too long for someone around your trophy count to finish
  • Don’t reveal your least predictable heroes: Till the last phase. If you’re going to be using top heroes such as Rowan, Talene, Flora, Athalia, etc, try to place them in the first two phases so your last spot is harder to counterplay.
  • Don’t stress over a faction bonus: Although many heroes within the same faction have synergy, don’t try to force heroes together over more efficient counterplay or support. When in doubt, go with the faction bonus though.
  • Take a small break: If you’re on a losing streak, take a small break. Tilting is a very real part of the event, and a clean state of mind will almost always yield better results.

For some closing statements – This event is ridiculously fun. Given the nature you play against a variety of opponents and the game tests your PvP knowledge. There’ll be a large debate around if it’s healthy for the game, as it makes other PvP seem quite dull in response, and many may ask for it to become a permanent event. Just keep in mind that there’s a valid debate on both sides. What we should look at is the immense positives this event brings and the hope we can have moving forward. Good luck to you all, and I hope you can have the same enjoyable experience that many others have. -Arty

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