A lot of new AFK Arena players have similar questions so I figured I can make a living document where advanced players can also add their wisdom to help aid any new players that join this game.

beginner guide afk arena

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

  1. Never use ascension lvl tier heroes as fodder for your other heroes because it will hurt you in the late game. In the late game, your max hero lvl will be 240 + (5*N) where N is the number of ascended heroes.
  2. In the early stages of the game do not use gems to buy gear instead save enough so that you can pull an x10 draw at once. My guildmates and I have found that every third time you do an x10 draw you have a higher chance of drawing an elite hero.
  3. Look at your hero’s abilities and the enemies’ abilities. This game uses a lot of synergies. For instance, in light bearer teams, you will find Belinda, Rosaline, and Rowan. Rowan generates energy for the whole team and Rosaline gives energy to the hero with the highest might lvl. All of this means that Belinda can use her alt more often.
  4. Look at your formation. Try to get a formation boost, 3-2,4-1, or all 5 of the same faction. I prefer using all 5 or 4-1. Sometimes doing a 3-2 can do the trick.
  5. Starting out try putting 2 tanks in front with 2 agility based heroes in the back and 1 mage in the back middle. This is not a hard-fast rule but just something to help you in the early stages.

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