If you are new to the game, this AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide will help you play the game a lot easier and avoid all of the mistakes people usually make at the starting.

afk arena beginners guide

Wishlist and Summoning

In the Noble Tavern, set your wishlist to have the following heroes. They are the best heroes in AFK Arena right now and will be very useful as you progress further in the game.

afk arena wishlist

When summoning with diamonds, do only 10x summons because it’s 10% cheaper than doing single pulls.

If you have faction scrolls, spend them all on Graveborn faction!

Team Composition

Early team comps usually consist of 1 carry, 1 tank, and 3 supports.

Carries should be 20-40 levels higher than the others in the team.

  • Wukong is the best carry before level 100, but he drops off hard after thaat.
  • Mirael is standard carry for 100+. She likes to be in the middle back for most damage.
  • If you get Daimon copies, he is widely considered one of the best carries in AFK Arena.

Tanks are next in line for levels, after your carries!

  • Hogan and Golus are easy to get and you can ascend them first.
  • Thoran revives once and has an AoE fear.
  • Brutus has 4/7/8 seconds of immunity. You get a free copy at chapter 14.

Supports are the last ones, they usually don’t need levels to function!

  • Rowan is the best early healer and energy battery. He is also the best hero in general.
  • Tasi banishes an enemy and sleeps the enemy team.
  • Lyca gives your team haste and energy.
  • Rosaline refills carry’s energy bar. Good for ultimate-carries.
  • Pippa is kinda like Tasi but squishier and groups enemies.
  • Arden roots 2-3 enemies so they can’t attack.
  • Oden groups enemies and stop them from using ultimate.
  • Fawkes banishes an enemy for longer than Tasi/Pippa

Before Level 160

The first heroes you want to ascend are:


Why these guys? Because they are Fodder, also known as Legendary tier heroes, which are easier to get and weaker than Ascended tier heroes.

Here you see 5 fodder heroes are ascended and Ascended Tier heroes that are used are placed on the resonating crystal bypassing level caps.

demo team

When ascending heroes, you will need 2 things, copies of the hero and a hero of the same faction, that’s the helmet on the right. You only want to sacrifice fodder when it doesn’t need copies.

Another trap that people fall into is ascending heroes to Legendary when they don’t have the copies for L+. If you do this your heroes can get stuck at level 140 and you will run out of fodder.

The below team is bad and you don’t want it!

example team 2

After level 160

As great as fodder heroes are, they have a max ascension of L+, meaning max level of 160. After 160, you need to ascend Ascended Tier heroes.

The goal is to get 5 ascended heroes so you can level past 240. This means you want to ascend 1-2 heroes from each faction that are both strong and you have a lot of copies.

Ideal Ascenscions

While supports and tanks (Brutus) can function at E+, your carry will definitely need ascensions.


GB has a ton of carry options. Ideally you would get Daimon, but Oden and Izold can also carry.




Assuming you got your carry in GB, you’re free to work on supports (and Kren) in the other factions.

The Backup Plan

Unfortunately, RNG isn’t ideal. If you don’t get copies of your desired hero, don’t force it. Work on the hero you have the most copies of for 5A.

If you don’t get a carry in any of the factions (Kren, Eironn, Raku, and Gwyn also are carries) you can garrison Ainz and use him as your carry.

gear priority

Gear Priority

Mythic Gear: Boots > Weapon > Chest > Hat

Boots give MSPD and Dodge. Weapon is Dodge, Accuracy, and attack. Chest has better defensive capabilities than hat with dodge/resist.

T1 Upgrades: Boots > Weapon > Chest > Hat

T1 upgrades mostly improve the same stats that base mythic gear has, so priority is the same!

T2 Upgrades: Weapon > Boots > Chest > Hat

T2 boots don’t give any extra haste, and weapon matches their dodge with additional attack rating!


Normal Store

Buy the following offers every day, or whenever they are available in the normal Store! You can refresh the shop for more PoE coins after chapter 24!

store buy 1

Buy the following items ưhen you can afford them! Gold emblems are needed more than silvers!

store buy 2

Guild Store

guild store offersBuy whichever of these 3 you need the most. Finish upgrading weapon + boots before starting on hat/chest!

Don’t buy legendary gear. Anything before mythic will become irrelevant fast.

Faction gear is only worth buying once you have gear for most of your heroes and are trying to get a specific faction bonus. This tends to be pretty late game, so a decent estimate is once you have 30% discount it’s worth!

Labyrinth Coin Priority

  1. New Dimensional Heroes
  2. Arthur
  3. Dimensional Emblems
  4. Red Chests
  5. Wukong

Dimensionals are limited time, so they are first priority. Then Arthur has the most impact followed by emblems and wu kong.

4 Faction heroes in the Lab are not great.

Challenger Store

  1. Ezizh
  2. Zolrath
  3. Athalia
  4. Orthos
  5. Flora

In Challenger Store, the priority are celepogeans as above. 4 faction heroes, while strong, are easy to obtain.

Don’t get the red chests here because they are overpriced.

After a copy of Ezizh, grab 1 copy of Athalia!

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