Need help for the new Winter Bounties: Burning Brute event in AFK Arena?

Recommended team formation vs Burning Brute:

burning brute team



All testing performed at hero level 160. If your set of heroes have wildly varying levels from each other or are lower then 160, the details of this guide may not hold true.

TL;DR: Team Building Rough Guide

  1. DPS melee hero (Rosaline has to follow)
  2. Melee support (e.g. Estrilda, Warek)
  3. Rosaline: Must have
  4. Rowan: Raine/Lucius/Nemora/Khasos are great alternatives.
  5. Team buffer/damage multiplier: Twins/Lorsan)

Bare minimum for above 60%. DPS Agi melee with Rosaline following and 1 other supporting hero.

If you want to use Belinda or Shemira, put them in spot 2 and Rosaline in spot 1. Rosa should walk in front of them and just be inside the shield to do mega damage to him. If using Belinda then take off auto ult when nearing the 20 and 50% damage mark so you hit him with his shield down.

The boss has terrible accuracy

Guide to Beating Burning Brute

Hey all! I’ve been hard at work testing different team formations, looking at different formations that achieved and didn’t achieve 100 bells in order to get as many people to that magic 100 mark, or help get you as close to it as possible.

Not everyone can achieve 100 BUT I believe everyone has a chance to get to 60% at the very least if you follow the basic floor plan I will provide and posses a Rosaline

So I’ll start with a quick rundown of the bosses 3 skills and an analysis of how he performs during battle.

burning brute

Burning Brute Overview

  1. His most stand out skill is his shield. Anyone standing outside his dome-like shield will have their damage reduced by 80%. This is huge and will hard stomp Shemira lead teams if they aren’t set up a certain way. They can still work but require Rosaline to enter his shield.
  2. The next most important skill/feature is at the 20% and 50% damage mark, he will fall asleep and his shield will turn off! (This is how ranged DPS teams can work but difficult to make work) once he falls asleep there are 2 conditions that will wake him up.
    First time… he will wake up if enough time passes. Simple enough
    Secondly, it’s a damage threshold… he will wake up once 10% of his health is taken off, so if you rush to 30% or 60% damage mark, he will be waking up! And once he wakes up he becomes stronger. Dun dun dun!
  3. He has a flame breath attack. Think flame thrower. In addition, once he has woken up once, he gains a new skill that is basically an earthquake AOE DoT attack against all your hero’s

Other noted attacks I’ve seen include a knockback stomp used against melee hero’s, explosions that pop up and a basic attack.

On paper, he seems really scary. The fact he gets more powerful after waking seems like a nightmare to deal with right?

He has a huge flaw I’ve noticed. His accuracy is terrible. A lot of his attacks, if not most will actually miss. My hero’s were constantly dodging his attacks, flame thrower, AoE, explosions you name it, dodge appeared above all my hero’s heads constantly which means healing isn’t something that needs huge investment in this fight. A single Rowan is more than enough to keep everyone alive barring some bad luck where he actually hits you! It happens!

Best team/Role suggestions

Important note: I didn’t have the optimized best gear and I didn’t use artifacts! The hero’s I’m suggesting worked so well I didn’t need to do any of that, you, of course, will be using the best gear and artifacts available to get even better results! Also, no sig items were unlocked either!


  1. DPS melee hero (Rosaline has to follow)
  2. Melee support (e.g. Estrilda, Warek)
  3. Rosaline: Must have
  4. Rowan: Raine/Lucius/Nemora/Khasos are great alternatives.
  5. Team buffer/damage multiplier: Twins/Lorsan)

The above is my quick formula for how I can get to kill the Burning Brute boss in AFK Arena. The 2 most pivotal roles are 1, 3, and 5 as numbered in the above roster sheet.


Hero suggestions: Kaz, Antandra, Baden, Thane, Eironn, Athalia, Tidus, etc.

All three are single target killers!

Let’s talk about Kaz!

I rate her as number 1 here because of her 4th skill “Feline finesse” specifically. It states that for every dodge Kaz will gain 25 points of energy. She will be dodging like crazy! Nothing will touch her and she will be gaining loads of energy to use her ult which does 250% damage twice so 500% damage all up and lastly her 2nd skill triple strike will do 3×100% damage to the boss. She is a monster in this fight. Now she needs to be above level 141 for her 4th skill to work this way so that is a small caveat. But even without it, with Rosaline boosting her she will ult enough times in the battle. Lorsan works better with Kaz compared to the twins for his damage multiplication on her ult.

My Kaz was only elite, so she can work at any level!

Antandra is similar to Kaz in dealing loads of melee damage to a single target and works superbly here and she is flexible enough that without a perfect team you will still achieve or go close to achieving 100 bells

Baden works great but for my set up, he wasn’t as flexible and didn’t guarantee 100 bells. He works best paired with Estrilda and twins as his clones benefit from them the most!

Using a perfect support cast including Estrilda, Rosa, Rowan, and Twins, I even managed to make Satrana work as the DPS melee hero so that’s another one you can slip in if you’re daring.

Support Melee

Estrilda, Warek work best in this slot and they basically are the only two in this category. Estrilda is useful, very useful. More so then Warek. I don’t believe the ascension level is important for these roles. This role could also be taken away entirely to add in another support mage or debuffer mage. Not essential but might be for Baden teams.


Super important unit here and is a crucial ingredient for success. I haven’t seen or achieved success without her. Not saying it can’t be done! If anyone gets it done without her please post how you achieved it! She needs to go inside the shield. You have to manipulate your team through the gear to make her follow your number 1. Essential!


The interesting role, regens energy, provides attack buff and heals when needed. Can’t think of a unit like him to replace. Other ideas would be Ezizh to help top up energy quicker… no single unit replaces his input here. Pretty important role but not essential for a high score, might be for 100 bells though.

The buffer/debuffer

Twins are best in slot here although Lorsan pairs better with Kaz due to him increasing her ultimate damage. My main doesn’t have twins so I’ll be using Lorsan who works as a capable alternative. If using Baden, Lorsan never cut it for me, however, I didn’t optimize gear and had no artifacts equipped so maybe he can work with Baden. All other hero’s Lorsan worked with. But again twins work best. Replacements if you possess neither? I’m not sure honestly, there isn’t a lot of heroes that can do what they do except maybe Raine. Maybe throw in some extra melee support or this could be where you throw in Shemira for sustained damage over the fight.


Here are screenshots for proof of concept:

Finally if you don’t have a good agi melee hero to take the lead on this and you want to use Shemira or Belinda you still can.

To use a ranged DPS hero, place them in spot number 2, and move the melee support hero to position 3 and Rosa to spot 1. All other heroes are the same as already suggested. Rosaline needs to follow your Belinda or Shemira. Once the battle starts, Rosa should walk in front of your hero and be standing just inside the shield dome and thus free to do massive damage to the boss. If Rosa doesn’t stay inside the shield for long enough. Try again. See screenshot below. She may pop in and out and eventually be knocked entirely out but hopefully stays inside more than not!

When using Belinda you need to control when she ults as you approach the 20 and 50% damage mark, this is very important. Need to hit him with his shield down!

rosa standing inside the shield
Rosaline standing inside the shield of the boss, where she will walk to if she starts in position 1 and Belinda in position 2.

When using Belinda you need to take off manual ult when your approaching 20 and 50% damage so you can spam her ult once his shield drops.

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