chapter 26 28 tips

Ok, first off: the Jamaica colors were not intentional. But hey, Bob Marley got some catchy songs 😅 Anyway…

So this is the stage 26-28 in AFK Arena, you know when Shemira is too weak, Rowan gotta be in mid-back and Lucius is needed to stay alive.

This is me breaking the AFK community rules and winning at the same time 🧙‍♂️

How to beat Chapter 26-28

  • Step 1. Rosaline runs up to Shemira. Fawkes traps Lyca. Nara hooks Arden.
  • Step 2. Ogi follows Rosaline and stops at Nara.
  • Step 3. Rowan’s ult goes off, hitting Ogi, Arden, Seirus, and Nemora. They get stunned and Shemira gets the buff.
  • Step 4. Lyca pops out of the coffin just in time for Shemira to pull off a double ult with the help of Rosaline = enemy team dies 💀

Hope this can be useful for someone or give you new ideas 💡

Merry Christmas everyone! 🎅

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