This is a quick guide to using Eironn in AFK Arena. You may already use or know them, but I figured I would share little things that help me out a bit 🙂

eironn afk arena

Best Tips for Using Eironn

  1. If you find that he is constantly being interrupted before pulling in his enemies, you may see that increasing his movement speed/haste has a big difference. You can do this by increasing the star level of boots with movement speed, getting his signature item to level 5 (and more mspd at level 15), or even something as simple as using the call on him which also grants a movement speed increase. Combine these for maximum potential. (Keep in mind that the call is not an ideal dura item for Eironn, and he will only use it in specific situations.)
  2. Don’t use Eironn for Wrizz. He will die fairly quickly 99% of the time even with a good supporting team. He can be decent on Soren. He’s especially effective on Soren with Lorsan 🙂
  3. A lot of people want to know what spot he’s most effective in. He’s typically best in the back middle, but he can be great in any spot. It just depends on the enemy formation.
  4. Eironn is especially good against Graveborns (obviously) and heroes that use CC or heroes that have buffing/debuffing abilities. (Arden, Nemora, Tasi, Ferael, Fawkes, Raine, Rosaline, Rowan, and many more.)
  5. He’s very hit or miss against Maulers. Not good versus Brutus or Warek 9/10 times. I think this is pretty self-explanatory.
  6. His best use is definitely PvP since he can be very difficult to counter. Also OP in the Wilder tower. Campaign and King’s Tower are also strong.

If anyone has any other helpful tips or advice, feel free to comment. If you disagree with any of my tips, please let me know 🙂

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