Estrilda is one of my favorite heroes. But she is underappreciated – especially in the end game! She is one of your best heroes, and you can obtain her with the starter pack and get her with lab tokens.

The key to using her is this relic:

dura eye artifact

It is important because her best skill gives a big energy boost to your team, and it isn’t even her ult:

INSPIRE (the flag wave)

Not only does it boost your team’s energy but it also buffs them! It is one of the early skills she uses in battle too. Which is why Dura’s Eye is so important. It speeds everything up when she crits. If your Inspire is being canceled, which it can, you need to either reposition Estrilda or adjust her gear. Sometimes some lower tiers of armor actually work better because of how the timing in the game functions. So don’t be afraid to downgrade. Your Estrilda should Inspire at least twice in a match.

All of Estrilda’s other skills are in some ways underpowered, but they’re not if you think of them as delaying tactics. She is not a damage hero. Instead, her skills slow down the enemy from ulting. Especially her charge

It is wise to place her opposite of CC heroes such as Arden to slow them down.

To be really useful she works best with Lucius and Fawkes.

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