Looking for the best heroes to invest your hard-earned Furniture on? This is the only AFK Arena Furniture Tier List you want to know!

furniture tier list

Full AFK Arena Furniture List & Ratings

Hero3-Set Rank9-Set Rank3 Set9 SetOpinionsRemarks
SSTalene does 80% AoE damage per second while "dead". Lifesteals 30% of damage dealt.Increases to 110% damage. Increases lifesteal to 60%.Because her natural "Resurrect" takes quite a while to trigger, Talene depends on Rowan for quicker revives. This Furniture reduces the reliance of having Rowan in her party which will be a large consideration when you're fight multiple team battles (Chapter 31 onwards) and you will require to place Talene and Rowan on different teams.
SAAt the start of battle, enemies come in 0.75s late and the time prerequisite for "Annihilate" is reduced by 3.75sFrequency of normal attacks increased by 50% after time prerequisite for "Annihilate" reaches 65s.(Video of Furniture bonus in action, by u/Cheetham85) Zolarth used over 90% of all endgame battles. With the 3 Set bonus alone, he is one of the most busted heroes in PvP.
SAWhen Orthros ultis (Time is stopped for 3 seconds), an ally with the highest Attack rating can move normally.Ally's haste increases by 35 during ulti.3 Set bonus allows your highest damage dealer to deal damage and gain energy for 3 seconds. It might not seem like much but it is quite a game-changer. Talene and him can solo carry battles with this. 9 Set bonus amplifies the effectiveness of the previous bonus.
SAEironn's attacks ALWAYS ignore enemies' defence while he is above 60% hp. (increased from 50% chance)When ignoring enemies' defences, his damage is increased by 15%.The 3-Set bonus ignores defences 100% of the time which wins you more battles with less resets. The 9-Set bonus increases his damage by 15% which is very important as one of the top damage dealers in the game.
SAIzold's attack is increased by 1% and attack frequency increased by 3% until the end of the battle everything he loses 1% of his max HP.Effects from "Hypodermic Heal" become permanent after 3-Set's ability has been stack 45 times.(Video of Furniture bonus in action, by u/Grimrow_AFK) The 3 Set is enough to make him into an unkillable solo carry. He shines in Abyssal Expedition, Twisted Realms and other PvE content. 9-Set bonus allows him to constantly deal damage and regen health without downtime from him reapplying his "Hypodermic Heal" skill.
SAWhile pulling an enemy towards Ezizh, he takes 25% less damage and is immune to CC.60% less damage instead.Ezizh tends to die early in a fight. As he uses mind control early in a fight, the damage reduction keeps him alive long enough to start the energy engine. More importantly, he cant get CC-ed during this which was a big problem before. Having a strong tool to reposition your enemy is invaluable.
SANormal Attacks deal 12% more damage and cause targets to lose 12 Haste for every spirit that is haunting them for 1.5sNormal attacks on enemies haunted by 3 spirits are stunned and no longer have their Haste reduced by Normal Attacks.(Video of Furniture bonus in action, by u/Akyran) The increased damage of his normal attacks is minimal and the haste reduction debuff only affects the enemy Ferael is using his normal attacks on. The 9 set bonus removes the haste debuff and replaces it with a 1.5s stun. While a stun is better than a haste reduction, leaving him at 3-set is good enough.
SCWhen twins lose 70% hp, they get a shield equal to 50% of their hp for 6s.Increases to 15s.The weakness of Twins is that they are at risk of dying before the team gets a chance to snowball with energy gain from the haste provided by Twin's Ulti. This gives them the survivable to last long enough to snowball the team. 9 Set bonus is not important as the upgrade is very minimal.
SDEnemies that deals damage to Daimon receive 40% more damage for 3s. Cannot be stacked.6s instead of 3s. When Daimon dies, all his allies receive a shield that is equal to 20% of his max hp for 5s.Daimon seems to have taken a place in the meta. His ultimate allows him to tank damage taken by his allies and that should trigger is 3 Set Bonus, which effectively makes the entire enemy team take 40% more damage. 9 Set bonus: On death effects are bad, you need him to die to even get the effect and Daimon has on afterdeath mechanics as Kelthur has.
SDIf Tasi is attacked with 1.5s of using her ability "teleportation", the ability will be instantly triggered again.Cooldown for the ability "Teleportation" is reduced by 1s.Gives her more consistency, damage and tankiness for the whole team when you pair this with her SI, which debuffs enemies she teleports to, making them deal less damage. She'll no longer be a suicide bomber while when she random teleports to the enemy backline.
AS"Rapid Arrows" targets the nearest 2 enemies the first time is it used.Every Normal attacks targets the nearest 2 enemies simultaneously.(Video of Furniture bonus in action, by u/Cheetham85) Lyca used over 90% of all endgame fights. On top of being good endgame DPS, this upgrade allows her to apply her increase damage & crit debuff to multiple enemies which aids the formations she is put in.
ABThe bats she summons are stronger after they make 8 attacks(Total?). They deal 100% more damage and heal Mehira for 80% instead of 25% when she takes fatal damage.Stronger after 4 attacks instead of 8.3 Set bonus provides Mehira with more damage and more importantly, the damage dealt by the bats are converted in energy with +30 SI. Additionally, she is harder to kill because of the 80% heal instead of 25%, over 3 instances. (80x3 vs 25x3) 9 Set bonus: If the criteria of 3 Set is 8 attacks by all bats, this not a priority.
ABWhen an ally ultis, the ally's normal attacks is increased by 15% for the whole fight. Can stack 2 times. (excludes Athalia)Increases to 20%. Stacks 4 times.There seems to be a typo, this bonus only affects Athalia. Adding damage to an already damage-oriented hero is great. *I am assuming that if a teammate uses their ulti, Athalia gets the bonus.
ABFirst attack triggers both "Flaming" and "Lightning" arrow and deals 15% more damage.Killing a non-summoned enemy also triggers the 3 Set effectWhile triggering both arrows at the same time can be done through resetting stages in PvE, the 3 Set bonus benefits PvP the most. The 15% damage bonus is the saving grace but it only works on the first attack. 9 Set bonus has the same problems but at least the triggered arrows have 15% more damage as well.
ACEnemies that are stunned by "Resurrection" are drawn towards Thoran.Thoran recovers 150 energy after "Resurrection".Anyone who likes to use Thoran-cheese strats will enjoy this bonus, maybe someone else can chime in on this as I don't use him. 9 Set bonus: I'm assuming getting 150 energy a fight is not worth the large investment.
ACAn enemy struck by 2 or more shards from "Glacial Shard" is frozen for 1.5sFrozen enemies take 15% more damage.Khazard's 3 Set allows him to consistantly freeze 2 enemies whenever he uses "ice shards". This gives him more CC capabilities which compliments his kit. His 9 Set provides a bonus 15% more damage with a condition. It is not impactful enough to invest resources in.0
ADHp pots also give 1% max hp regen for 10s.1.2% max hp regen for 15s instead.Similar to Eironn, this isn't a strong bonus. However, since Rowan is used in most formations, a little more healing helps. 9 Set bonus is unnecessary as the cooldown for drinking a potion is 5s, better to use your resources on another hero.
AEAt the beginning of battles, backline enemies are grouped to the center backline.During "Sandstorm" allies that have the wind behind the have their movement speed increased by 150%. Enemies that are fighting against the direction of the wind have their movement speed decreased by 75%.Meta in Endgame. Combos with Eironn, Tidus, Safiya and Gorvo. 9 Set bonus effects only affects movement speed.Do not know if movement speed is a.k.a. haste like it is on boots. if it is, this is super op
BBAll allies in the enemy half of the battlefield have their Attack increased by 20% and recevie 25% less damage.Allies recover 100 energy every 3s when in the enemy half of the battlefield.Often underestimated. With a dive formation, having 20% more damage and 25% reduce damaged on all your heroes looks great of paper. Will have to see if a meta will form around a full team of divers.
BCRecovers 60 energy per second during ulti. Cannot exceed 600 energy. (A full bar is 1000)Also recovers 3% max HP during ulti.Wukong is great in PvP and sees more use Chapter 33 onwards. The 3-Set bonus gives him more ulti uptime and increasing his overall survivability. 9 Set bonus seems overkill.
BCEverytime Drez uses his ulti and "Bloody Evisceration", his Attack Speed is increased by 80 for 2s.Attack speed increases to 150 for 3s instead.*Speculated* Haste is a valuable stat and because the bonus is easily triggered, the haste will compliment Drez's kit well as an assassin.
BDFor every non-summoned enemy which has been defeated or has less than 50% max hp, Tidus agains 25% increased healing, 17 Tenacity and 8% Attack.If Tidus kills an enemy or is close to an enemy that is kill, he will recover 35% of the health which has already been lost.The 3-Set bonus provides great stats for Tidus and it can stack. Getting enemies below the 50% threshold to trigger the bonus is not hard to set up as well. It seems that Chinese players have found use for him in certain endgame formations. In which circumstances, I'm not sure but you can find more info here. Beyond the extra stats gained from furniture, the 9-Set bonus feels lacklustre and does not seem worth the large investment cost.
BDAfter Arthur ultis, any ally that takes fatal damage will negate that daamge and receive a shield which blocks damage equal to 35% of Arthur's max HP for 5s.Shield lasts for 10s in blocks damage equal to 45% of Arthur's max HP instead.3 Set bonus gives a cheat death mechanic that rivals Hendrik. The con is that Hendrik's lasts for 10s and is not limited to damage (unless Hendrik dies) while Arthur's version is a shield which blocks for 5s (10s for 9 Set). Regardless, it is still strong and can be used in clutch situations, not to mention Arthur already has good utility in his kit. With the introduction of the Barricade tank-only artifact, both effects stack, allowing you to use the cheat deaths 3 times within 15 seconds."any ally" includes Arthur himself
BFInvul period is increased by 2s.Invul period is also increased by 2s for each non-summoned ally that dies before or during the use of it.Having more time on his invulnerability allows him to tank more damage when he sees more use in Chapter 33 onwards. The 9-set bonus shouldn't be of use as the death of your allies usuals spells the lost of the battle as brutus is not a carry but a tank.
CBAll enemies are feared(stunned) for 2s after Nara's ulti kills an enemy hero.Nara's ulti damage is increase by 450% if the requirement for high damage is met.Fearing the whole enemy team should be pretty consistent since her SI allows her to pull a low hp enemy to execute. Which allows her to set up for her next victim afterwards. However, Nara is mainly used for her CC and usually does not survive the battle long enough to ulti, so this effect isn't as useful as it sounds. If the conditions for the 9-Set bonus are met, her base ulti 660% damage with a bonus of +450%, it increases her ulti damage by 68%. Since you can use ur +30 SI to meet the conditions.9 Set only should be considered if you have +30 SI
CBWhen Nemora's hp falls below 60% for the first time, she will use "Life Force" on herself.The first time an enemy gets close to her, she charms all nearby enemies.Nemora has fallen off the meta in late-game stages. People usually use her to charm enemy Safiya and Ferael and the 3 Set bonus does little to help. Her 9 Set bonus seems to be limited because it only happens once per battle and it requires a setup to be useful. charming 5 people (if you use Skriath and Eironn combo) might be cool but if nothing comes from it, you might as well use Mehira.
CBAll CC is removed from Ezio when he is able to execute a target with his ulti.Ezio gains 1/2 his Energy bar at the start of the battle.It seems like his 3-Set bonus is mistranslated. Instead of clearing CC after he excutes as stated in-game, when an enemy falls within the excute threshold, he clears all CC from himself and excutes the enemy. However, his 3-Set is still niche and this does not make or break his kit, his 9 Set allows him to ulti early which allows him to trigger extra damage to marked enemies. Pair with a burst formation, I think he will perform well.
CCWhen her flower dies, it stays on the battlefield for 8 more seconds. During those 8s, its damage output is decreased by 15%.While Solise is alive, if an allied hero that is positioned on the frontline dies, a flower will spawn on that ally.(courtesy of u/Koni_fox) With +30 SI, her flower attacks 3 targets. Together with her Set bonuses, she might be capable of dishing out heavy damage. Her 9 Set works well with her 3 Set. However, she still does not see ANY use in Endgame, 0%.
CCWhen Theowyn is "Haunting" an enemy, the enemy cannot recover energy.The energy the enemy would have recovered would be given to Theowyn instead.*Speculation* If Theoywn ever makes it into the meta, she will shine well in a lockdown formation with heroes which want to delay the fight like Talene and Flora. Her 3 Set bonus helps to stall for her team by preventing a enemy from ulting early. Her 9 Set bonus covers her weakness of lacking energy gain. This is due to her disappearing from the battle field.
CC"Kamui Mutsube" is triggered each time she collectively loses 30% of her max HP. Can be used 3 times per battle."Kamui Mutsube" can be used up to 5 times instead of 3.Her original kit allows her to use "Kamui Mutsube" twice. Assuming that the 3 Set bonus allows her to use it 3 more times (i.e. 5 times in total), it provides more survivability and burst potential. However, it doesn't seem to be very impactful. Seems average but that might change when more people get to use her.
CCEach time Oscar teleports, he gains 60 Dodge for 5s. This buff does NOT refresh its duration but can stack."Slice and Dice" is used continuously up until there are no knives left next to any enemies.Dodge in PvE is not great as you can just reset the stage. 9-Set bonus gives him burst potential, especially after he ultis. Would like to see him in action to gauge how good he is after getting this bonus.
CCIncreases ulti heal and summons 2 more totems.Numisu's ulti additionally heals the weakest ally and 4 of his totems.Numisu just got reworked and with news of 2 more maulers being reworked, he might see more use. Summoning two totems to distract the enemy might not be as useful as it seems as they would probably die quickly to overleveled enemies. 9-Set bonus won't help if all the totems are dead.
CDAfter 3 seconds of battle, the enemy with the lowest HP is marked. While marked, all damage dealt to the enemy is increased by 30%.When the marked enemy dies, another enemy with the lowest HP is marked.*Speculated* Raine's rework looks promising, the damage amplification can work well with bosses. We'll have to see how she fairs in PvE.
CDThane's ulti has a 100% chance to hit the first time it is used. Now deals additional damage equal to 18% of the target's max hp (additional damage is capped at 360% of Thane's Attack Rating).Increases ulti attacks by 6.Off meta but with enough investment does produce alright results.
CDKelthur can use "Retaliation" while in his ghost form."Retaliation" cooldown is reduced by 2s.Kelthur is better dead than alive but the only problem was that he didn't have access to "Retaliation" while dead. "Retaliation" has a cooldown of 8 seconds and after triggering, it gives him 60% haste for 4s. The 3-Set bonus gives him this 60% haste while 9 Set increases the uptime of the haste.
CD"Blessed shield" cannot be interrupted when cast. Using "Blessed Shield" reduces damage received by Lucius' ally positioned BELOW him by 30%.Also increases energy recovered by that ally when attacked by 75%.The 3-Set bonus increases the consistency of Lucius's tanking capabilities because his main defensive tool, "Blessed shield", is always interrupted in high levels. His defensive buff to an ally can be used flexibly as well. 9-Set bonus might have potential for allies who can walk to the front, tank hits and need the energy.
CDEnemies in her ulti lose 12 Haste. Allies in her ulti gain 6 HasteAllies gain 24 Haste instead.Flora's ulti is small. While it is used where the most enemies will be affected, the 12 haste debuff is not very impactful considering the enemies have to continue standing on her ulti. The 9-set bonus will rarely be of use and is not worth the investment.
CDAllies close to enenmies that are afflicted by "Writhing Roots" are granted "Forest's Oath".Shield granted by "Forest's Oath" increased by 100%."Forest's Oath" is a 378k shield (based on the stats of a 5 star +20SI Ulmus) that grants 4% hp regen/s. This is about 18% of a squishy hero's hp (e.g. Lyca, Tasi). It's is not a very impactful skill and triggering it is not reliable. 9-Set bonus is just another 18% hp shield.
CDIf an enemy has been set on fire for more than 15s, the enemy will not be able recover hp while on fire and the burn damage is multipled by 2.Requirement of 15s is reduced 9s instead.Similar to Numisu, Satrana just got a big rework. Give it time for the meta to settle. However, just looking at the numbers of the Set bonus they don't look good.
CD"Void Barrage" is used as Isabella's Normal Attack.Damage dealth by "Void Barrage" is increased by 15%.Her +30 SI allows her "Void Barrage" to hit 3 different enemies. The 3-Set bonus allows her to scale it with "increase attack speed" buffs from Anoki, Numisu and Arthur. As her ulti deals less damage and stops her from using "Void Barrage", she needs a rework for this Set to be useful. 9-Set bonus is such a lazy and lousy power creep.
CDSaurus receives 10% less damage from enemies when using "Burst Strikes" or "War Strike".Recevies 25% less damage instead.Saurus's main weakness is CC. Any form of CC, including flinching from enemy attacks, stops his damage stacking. Having damage reduction might reduce flinching and thus alleviate his base kit.
CEIf all allies are alive after the first 18s, attack is increased by 10% and defense is increased by 20%. (Does not affect summons)Requirement reduced 12s.The bonus attack would probably come at a point where it wouldn't affect the battle much. Increases in defence are not as good as a reduction in damage and have little help in survivability.
CEUsing "Shell Shock" grants Gorvo a shield that blocks damage equal to 24% of his max hp for 3.5s.Shield duration increased to 8s instead of 3.5s.Much shield, such wow. 9-Set bonus increases the duration to 8s but the skill activates every 6s. Unless this shield stacks, this is only a 2.5s increase which is lacklustre for the investment."Shell Shock" happens every 6s
CEWhen Shemira's energy is full, she is immune to CC for 2s and immediately uses her ulti. This ability can be activited even while another ability is currently in use.When Shemira's HP falls 50%, her ulti's Lifesteal is increased by 30% until the end of the ulti.The 3-Set bonus is good for pre chapter 20 and Twisted Realms: Dark Nemora. However, for end-game PvE, Shemira is not used anymore and these Set bonuses do not upgrade her kit.Original Ulti lifesteal is 25%. So it increases TO 55%.
CE"Drunken frenzy" now also causes an ally with the lowest Attack Rating to recieve 25% reduced damage. Stacks 8 times.Once stacked 3 times, the ally also recovers 35% of Rigby's max hp.I'm pretty sure that there's a typo of some sort here (25%x8=200% damage reduction). Maybe because no one cares for him, this mistake went unnoticed. The 9-Set bonus effectively heals a weak ally for 65% of their hp 9s after a battle starts. After which, he heals the ally every 24s (I timed it). Decent effect if you need the heal?
CFEaching living frontline ally increases Khasos' Crit Amp by 25 when he is positioned on the backline.Each living backline enemy reduced the damage Khasos receives by 22% when he is positioned on the frontline.A total of 50 Crit Amp is equivalent to 50% or more damage, depending on the enemy's Crit Resistance. He might come into use with Skriath for sniping the enemy backline. The 9 Set bonus completely negates the 3 Set bonus, I think this is poor design.Weird interaction between 3 and 9 set. You can only use one or the other.
DBDuration of "Spectral Disruption" is increased by 15s.Ulti charging time is sped up by 40% while "Spectral Disruption" is still up.Safiya is used in quite a few end-game PvE formations. The 3-Set bonus does not do much because most PvE fights have already been determined before the pyramid buff drops. If you're investing in her, you should go all the way to the 9-Set bonus. It shortens the time it takes to stack damage for her SI and also gives her more time to "attack" with her +30 SI bonus.
DCValues in "Shadow Shield" is increased by 150%. The shield will now explode even if it times out without getting destoryed."Shadow Shield" is also granted to 2 of his Skeletal Warriors.The utility and damage you get from his shield are minimal.
DCWhen one of Baden's phantoms disppear from the battlefield, the remaining phantoms regain 45% of the health they have already lost.If Baden receives fatal damage, he instead heals for 60% of his highest HP phantom. This ability can be used 6 times per battle.Baden so far hasnt seen any use despite his 9 Set looking strong. I'm just assuming that it is not as good as it sounds.
DCUlti deals 30% more damage when it only hits 1 target.Damage dealt by Belinda reduces Crit Resistance by 35.Belinda's ulti should be used on as many targets as possible. Each target hit increases the next hit's damage. For Twisted Realm:Kane, she is still Meta and the 3-Set nets around 2.4% more damage to Kane. Minimal, but, it might push you to the next rank. 9 Set bonus reduces the enemy's Crit Resistance by 35 which is equivalent to at LEAST 35% more damage (the damage bonus increases as difference between the ally's and the enemy's Crit Amp and Crit Res values increases). However, because Belinda is not used in the later campaigns, her 9 Set is underrated.
DDRosaline throws a "Tea cup" dealing 120% damage every 2.5s.Every 0.75s instead.The effect of the Bonus is hard to observe and it has little impact. The dps proved by this bonus is negligible and the mini-stuns from the teacups are brief.
DDIf one of Warek's Normal Attacks or abilities is about to hit 2 or more enemies, his Crit Rating is increased by 40% and Crit Amp is increased by 45 for that attack/ability.If one of Warek's Normal Attacks or abilities is about to hit 2 or more enemies, he also has a 100% chance to hitSurvivability is the main problem for him in end-game PvE and while the Set bonuses are really strong offensively, it does not solve his survivability problem. It also does not make him a better Boss killer which is where people main use him.
DDVurk's ulti deals 35% more damage to enemies poison by his own abilities.Prolongs the duration of poison when he used a Normal attack or his "Mania" ability.His rework gives him another source of poison via his traps. This however, is not enough to make it worth the invest of resources for his furniture, especially his 9 Set.
DDEnemies are stunned for 0.5s when they damage Zaphreal. Once every 8s.Enemies are stunned for 2s instead.*Speculated* The 3-Set bonus doesn't seem very impactful as it is only a 0.5s stun but we're yet to see where he falls in the meta.
DDAntandra receives 40% less damage from enemies that are out of range of her "Knockdown" ability.If she loses a total of 110% of her max health, her Attack is increased by 45% and she recovers 50 energy per second and is also immune to cc until the end of battle.There are some rumours of Antandra being one of the two maulers that are getting a rework. If she gets the rework, this would definitely make her 3/9 Set bonuses better. As to how the Set bonuses are right now, they are very strong individually but Antandra's base kit is pretty weak and it is not enough to make a viable.
DEEnemies that are dealth damage are poisoned. Poisoned enemies have their Accuracy reduced by 60 and also lose 70% of Kaz's Attack Rating as hp every second over 4s.Enemies have their energy recovery rates reduced by 50% while poisoned.Kaz is a good tank but she is limited to only dealing damage to a single target. The Set bonuses do not alleviate that problem but it gives her more single target damage and shutdown potential. If she receives buffs in the future, it would multiply the effect of these set bonuses.
DEUkyo's Attack is increased by 6% each time he deals damage to an enemy. Stacks 6 times. If an enemy dodges, mitigates or is immune to one of Ukyo's attacks, he will lose 3 stacks.Can be Stack 15 times instead.The bonuses are just a pure damage power creep. This furthers his niche at suppression and raw damage. For the F2P players, may he never see the light of day.
DEAnoki uses his "Horn of War" ability again 15s after its initial use. "Horn of War" can be used up to 2 times per battle. Each time the ability is used, the shield that it generates will become 50% weaker than the previous shieldAnoki uses his "Horn of War" ability again 15s after its initial use. "Horn of War" can be used up to 3 times per battle. Each time the ability is used, the shield that it generates will become 70% weaker than the previous shieldAnoki has a strong kit but we have seen little of him in PvE and PvP. The shield he provides is unimpactful and you shouldn't invest resources in getting his 9 SetMight be a typo
DEAfter an enemy has been knocked to the edge of the battlefield, Seirus uses his "Deluge" ability against them. Ability may only be used against the same enemy once every 10s.Can be used onced every 4s instead.While this sounds like Wombo potential, "Deluge" does minimal damage and only has a short stun. The Set bonus is not enough for Serius to be viable in PvE.
DEWhen enemies use their ultis 2 times, "Hellfire" will be strengthened and enemies that are damaged by the flames have their energy recovery rates reduced by 50%.When enemies use their ultis 7 times, "Hellfire" will be strengthened, does not disappear and enemies that are damaged by the flames cannot ulti for a short duration.*Speculated* The trigger condition for the bonus is iffy because if 2 of your enemies ulti, the battle might already be over. Surviving through 7 enemy ultis is more unlikely.
DFEvery 4s, the enemy that has dealt the most damage is marked with 1 Symbol of Sin.After ulti-ing, the enemy with the second highest dealt damage is marked with 1 Symbol of Sin.Symbols of Sin only exists to buff her ult's effects and since you can choose who you want her to assassinate, the 3 Set bonus adds nothing to her kit. Her base kit allows her to easily stack 5 Symbols of Sin before her ulti comes up. 9 Set bonus: I don't even want to talk about it.
EDEverytime an enemy utlis, Oden will have his attack increased by 3% and damage received reduced by 3% until battle ends. Can stack 15 times and at 12 stacks, he is immune to CC.The effects also apply to an ally with the highest attack.Can't benefit from the 3/9 Set bonuses when you're dead by time the enemy ultis 12 TIMES.
EEDebuff durations are reduced by 40% when Mezoth's hp is above 50%.Debuff durations are reduced by 80% instead.His ulti gives him CC immunity while he is above 50% hp. I don't see any benefit in this. Would have rated him F but that place is reserved for special cases.Might be a typo
EEIncreases Defense of an ally positioned above Hendrik by 25% of his own Defence.60% of his own defence instead.Defense is not as efficient as "reduced damage". This is just something extra if you're already using Hendrik but it's not going to be breaking any boundaries.
EETorne gains a shield that blocks 18% of his max HP for 5s everytime he loses 40% of his max HP.Shield blocks 28% of max hp. Last for 10s.Torne quite a bit of damage (due to his %hp damage) but lacks survivability. Even though the Set bonus deals with his main problem, it might not be enough. He rarely sees use in Endgame PvE.
EEOriginally, faction advantage provides a 125% damage multiplier. Fawkes's 3-Set increasres the multipler by 8% which = 136.25% (9% increase when compared to the original 125%).Fawkes' normal attacks removes the buffs on enemies.9% more damage only for heroes who have the faction advantage. Even if this was 9% more damage to all your allies, this wouldn't be great. (courtesy of u/MinorNova) The 9-Set bonus is very niche and as of this point, has no use.
FFLorsan grants an ally 30 Dodge when their Haste is above 50Grants 60 Dodge instead.30 or 60 Dodge is not going to do anything in PvE and to add insult to injury, it is conditional.

Best +9 Furniture Heroes

A guide by Xapyslenderman

These are the best hero ranking you should focus on in term of +9 Furniture!

S Tier



An extra skill that helps her resurrect faster is always good. While the damage is insufficient for PvE, it boosts her Kane damage significantly.



Makes any comp he is used in significantly more consistent as he uses his ‘Feeble Mind’ skill as the first skill into battle, the time where he usually dies most of the time.



It allows him to perms stun 1 enemy for the entire battle, which is huge depending on the enemy.



It makes his damage skyrocket. He does so much damage that Sofiya becomes support rather than a DPS for Eironn teams chapter 33+



Makes his ult go from being almost useless to being one of the most op ults in the game. Him and Talene can solo carry several battles with this.

A Tier



Really good for several invade teams but is mostly useful for mauler tower than the campaign.



Makes him a mega speedy boi which helps him carry in mauler tower quite easily.



Makes her go from an op support to both an op support and op carry. If she can survive she usually outdamages both Eironn and Saurus.



Very versatile skill, that interrupts Rowan’s potion cart permanently and even makes enemy Lorsan link his own teammates.

B Tier



Throws only 1 cup. Makes her value go down but is still a nice stun.



Decent buff but hard to abuse in pve.



Makes her anti heal capabilities significantly stronger.


Makes his quite tank but mainly useful for mauler tower.



Good skill but hard to use as its hard for her to survive and execute at chapter 33+. This is mainly used for her cc and bleed damage.



Cheese is much more consistent.

C Tier



Average skill if he can survive in pve.



Very situational +9. Her +3 is almost never required as the battle ends before the pyramid most times.



Decent skill but makes it a 4v5 for your team which is hard to manage most times.



Kinda useless +9 since most enemies are full health at the start anyways.



Very situational, but good for many bosses.


Can’t fully utilise her poison skill as her damage is single target based.

D Tier



Decent skill for a bad hero that doesn’t help her be any better.



No team in pve lives long enough to let Oden use his Furniture skill.



He is more useful for his knockbacks than damage.



Average skill overall.



Doesn’t live long enough for the skill to come into effect.



He almost always starts in the backline making his Furniture skill useless.


Best +3 Furniture Heroes

S Tier



Makes her from an annoying fairy to a super tanky fairy, who is significantly harder to kill.



Best +3 in the game. That extra time makes or breaks several speed based battles for both PvE and PvP.



A must-have for Burning Brute, Abyssal expedition and he is quite useful for several multi fights in PvE.

elijah lailahElijah Lailah

Second best +3 from all celepogeans. Makes them significantly tankier for PvE.



Makes Eironn teams without Rowan, go from average to one of the best and most consistent teams without both Rowan and Tasi.

A Tier


Wu Kong

Makes him ult like crazy and actually survive in PvE.



With his ult, he can make enemies take 40% more damage without enemies even touching him. This really pushes him to be one of the best DPS in the game.



Makes her consistency significantly better, which is all that endgame is about.



Increases his defensive capabilities.



Makes him a killing machine by the end, if required to solo carry at the end.

B Tier



Helps her ult faster with +30 SI. But that is only after the initial phase where the faster ult would have helped more.



Extra heal is decent.



A second Hendrik for Gwyn teams is huge, when Hendrik isn’t being used for Gwyn.



Decent skill but very hard to use as most agility heroes get 1 shot rather than surviving with little hp to use the skill.

C Tier



Makes him live longer for campaign battles.



2 seconds are always nice to have.



Helps him against bleed damage but that’s about it.


Hard to abuse as getting 2 or 7 ultimates from enemies is usually death in PvE.



A bit more damage to increase Cheese consistency.



Not the best buff out there but a little bit more damage never hurts.

D Tier



Decent skill but very slow for its effects to actually matter.

cecilla Cecilla

She is used more for her damage reduction than her damage.

Ukyo 1


He misses to much to make use of his damage.



Very situational and mostly not helpful.

So after my original furniture guide with questionable formatting, here is the new and improved version. Special thanks to u/mischief 2175 and u/Anthropophaga

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