Welcome to the Garrisoned Mercenary system, where you can rent out past Dimensional heroes.

This system comes with certain pros and cons which have resulted in quite a bit of debate in the community which we will cover soon.

AFK Arena Garrisoned Mercenary

Firstly, for those of you that hate reading, here’s your TLDR!

Garrisoned Mercenary Priority

  1. Ainz
  2. Albedo
  3. Ezio or JOKER
  4. Nakaruru
  5. QUEEN
  6. Ukyo

For those that do not have Ainz, Albedo, Ezio, and/or Joker, trade for 66 stones with Guild Coin Guild Coins and 34 stones with Lab Coin Labyrinth Coins every month.

Afterward, the remainder of Nakoruru, Queen, and Ukyo are debatable on rushing.

The method to slowly work on these 3 less used heroes is to spend 66 Guild Coins and 1 Labyrinth Coin every month.


52,800 Guild Coin Guild Coins per month

27,200 Lab Coin Labyrinth Coins per month

Exchange Dimensional Stones

Garrison Mercinary System Pros & Cons


  • Missed Dimensional Heroes attainable
  • They are strong heroes that are not obtained from methods involving RNG such as stargazing/summoning
  • Dimensional Heroes are great assets to your account
  • You can get their hero portrait and icon if you enjoy cosmetics
  • A small gain of Companion Points for those giving out the rentals
  • For a small price, you get to immediately use a Dimensional Hero.


  • Reduces gear, Arthur, Wukong, and emblem gain due to competition with coin usage
  • Takes 6 months order to rent a hero for free
  • Another system for new players to learn.
  • Need to have someone that owns the hero to rent them!

Ainz Ooal Gown

Ainz Ooal Gown

Our Favorite Skeleton! Well, at least he’s mine. Honestly, the best mage carry in the game, and his only downside is that you need to invest in him fully.

Once you do, you won’t be disappointed. Let’s go over a few reasons why he is our first pick on our rental schedule. Ainz is a carry, therefore he creates his own set. Once you hit chapter 31, you need to win with 2 unique teams, and this increases to 5 sets sooner than you think. Having such a strong hero at your disposal creating an entire set is absolutely amazing.

As a carry, his kit is extremely strong.

Firstly, at the start of the battle, he gives himself a shield and increases his own stats and energy, as well as is immune to control effects during this time, making him surprisingly durable. Secondly, he has his signature nuke ability as his ultimate, dealing a massive amount of damage to all enemies. This ultimate is map-wide and is of magic damage, meaning it cannot be dodged normally. Thirdly, he has his global HP cut and stun: The Goal of All Life is Death. This is the key thing that makes him overpowered in late game and allows him to push at high-level deficits. He halves all enemies’ current HP and stuns them all. During this time, he gets time to charge up an ultimate if he lacks energy if needed, and lets your team whale on the enemy. This even goes off if he is banished by Tasi and the like. It adds incredible value and consistency to your composition, even if the enemies possess large amounts of health and don’t lose 50% of their HP, they take 1600% of Ainz’s attack, which is nuts. Lastly, his normal attack cycle is very strong as well. His Magic Caster multipliers numbers are very high, and he even has a little bonus in the regard that he can prevent some enemy ultimates, which is always helpful.

Other than being an insane carry once you have his Signature Item +30 and 9 furniture effect, he is amazing early game. This new system means that you can rent him quite soon when you start the game and link him to your highest ascension fodder hero. Ainz can function as your temporary early game carry until you get a proper one such as Daimon or Eironn up and running. You definitely want to get his 6-month timer ticking so you can use him alongside his fellow hero, Albedo. He enjoys all the stats he can get, give him your best gear, and get his Signature Item to +20 when you can, and then +30 after Albedo gets hers. At around the 5-6 month mark, you should have your Arthur up, plus or minus some time if there is a new Dimensional release, and once your Ainz is free to rent, you start up Albedo and go to work!



A beautiful character with a beautiful kit. All of it revolves around protecting and supporting Ainz. She takes damage for Ainz and increases the defense and attack of all Dimensional heroes in your team. Although she is the one who would get her Signature Item to +30 before Ainz, she is the second in terms of rental priority. The reason for this is that she offers you nothing if you solely rent her. If you did the 20 extra Lab Coins per month exchange, you can use her with Ainz a month earlier than otherwise. She is the reason Ainz sets become so consistent, adding attack and defense to Ainz and other Dimensionals. Furthermore, her 3 Furniture effect is also very good at buying her team more time, functioning similarly to Brutus. Her utility and effects are no joke, even if her kit and damage numbers seem simple at a glance.

Ezio Vs. JOKER


So this is where things start getting debatable in terms of priority. This third rental priority slot is debated over Ezio and Joker.

Keep in mind you’re going to be starting these after 1 year of playing the game, meaning that you’ll very well be into multi-set fights.

Multi-set fights are when you see a lot of heroes with good kits and solid utility get thrown into sets. Prior to this, you really just try to make the best units in the game carry you through.

Both of them are Agility units that offer a good amount of utility in their kit.

If you’re asking me, I would give Ezio the slight edge due to his greater ability to tank, and his ability to execute enemies. Joker is a very solid supportive DPS unit that offers a respectable amount of damage and stuns. Feel free to pick one over the other if you have a bias, you won’t be sacrificing much progression either way.


The really amazing thing aside from their utility about them is that they are very viable at very low investment, meaning they can function without furniture and only +10-15 Signature Items even.

Of course, more is better, and feel free to go in a little bit more, you won’t be disappointed if you use them well.

I will say this upfront about Joker: he is not a hero you will enjoy or see great use out of if you do not know how to utilize his kit smartly, you cannot simply just slap him in a team. However, he is very rewarding for intellectual players, and is perfectly fine at 0 Signature Item and furniture.

In terms of Ezio investment, Ezio can function at +15-20 Signature Item and 0 Furniture. For those that enjoy him much more and want his consistency, you’ll very much like him to be at +20 Signature Item and 3 Furniture. And finally, you can make him +25 Signature Item for more dodge and 9 Furniture to get his Ultimate up essentially at the start of the fight once you can spare the resources late in the game.

In terms of Joker investment, he really doesn’t need much to shine. Even at +0 and 0 furniture, you can utilize his whole kit. If you would like to increase his consistency. He functions well at +10 and +20 Signature Item and enjoys his 3 furniture for crowd control resistance.

Nakoruru & Queen


So these two are quite far down the line.

You’re in the game already for 2 years. You should know what you’re doing. These are both heroes that see less play than the ones mentioned prior.

They do see some niche use here and there, however, the main issue is that they do not have an immense impact until they are highly invested. Once they are highly invested in, they will not carry but will be good sources of crowd control and reasonable damage once they are ready.

In terms of investment, both of them enjoy as much investment as you can give them, especially for Queen. Nakoruru has seen some solid use at +10 and 3 Furniture and being an Agility hero, she can dodge quite a bit. Queen requires more investment as she cannot dodge and requires the stats from her Signature Item and Furniture to live longer than just the start of the battle.


You can run either of these heroes at a minimal investment, even at +0 just for some quick crowd control at the start of a fight.

Between these two, again, you can pick from personal preference without any difficulty in your account. If you asked me, I would say Nakoruru has better survivability, and her ability to stunlock people is better than that of Queen’s. Nakoruru has seen more use, and would be my pick of the two.


Quite fitting, as he was the first Dimensional collaboration hero to be released, and locked behind a $50 paywall when he was debuting. Started out first, and remaining last, Ukyo sees very little use, and at this point into the game, you’re 3 years in and it’s finally his turn to get slotted into your box.


He does some minor CC and some damage, but that’s about it.

He doesn’t fit into any real team and is inessential at any point. He has niche uses in that he can interrupt a frontline Flora from flying, and can be used against Saurus and the traditional Gwenyth comp, preventing them from getting stacked up and rolling.

Enjoy him if you get him, you’ll get your story diamonds, portrait, as well as his icon, and that’s all from me today.

Hope you enjoyed, Tree3 out.

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