This is a simple guide on how to optimize your guild coin investment on mythic gears and T1/T2 stones on a budget.

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This guide is mainly geared towards players pre-CH30 who have limited gear and haven’t unlocked T3 yet but is still relevant after that, especially since people reach CH30 really quickly these days but guild income is still roughly the same (and thus isn’t keeping pace). The priority order is at the bottom of each table. Full explanations will be at the end. All opinions are my own.

Gear & T1/T2 Priority Guide

The following tables assume 0*, factionless. Multiply the given stats by 1.8 for 5* faction gear. (I have done so in the explanations to make those clearer.)

gear priority afk arena


By budget I mean low spending players who (as they should) are also using guild coins on the garrison, limited time dims, and on both T3 stones/month, if applicable (ie players at CH30 and beyond).

Haste is the best secondary stat in the game. It’s a no-brainer to get and enhance those items first.

Primary stats (ATK HP and DEF) given by gear were ignored for this guide. Since they are not %-based, they are worth progressively less over time and are easily covered by leveling.
You should put the best gear on your carry first, but as I’ve striven to prove, not all pieces are necessary to T2 or even T1 for a long time, not even on the carry.

Wrong faction is ok – see Closing for details.

Factionless gear should never be upgraded. Non-mythic gear should never be upgraded. Gear should never be bought for diamonds.


Players on a budget will not be able to justify 74754 guild coins (the price of a T1+T2 stone) for 1 (or 1.8) PR.

It may be helpful to know these quick facts about faction t2 5* gear:

  • STR: 540 ACC and 90 DODGE
  • INT: N/A ACC and 540 DODGE
  • AGI: 648 ACC and 702 DODGE

The DODGE on STR heroes is nothing compared to the ACC of all three types (INT effectively have ACC) so STR heroes need a huge DODGE upgrade to even sniff an actual dodge. Theoretically, a flat upgrade to DODGE is worth more the higher the stat already is ie 10 DODGE is more useful if unit already has 700 DODGE than 100), and since STR heroes have such low base DODGE, this upgrade is completely negligible and thus, this is the WORST USE OF T1 AND T2 STONES POSSIBLE.

Unfortunately, this gets awkward as the T3 helm is the best defensive STR piece, but that’s a conversation for another time. The good news is, the T3 STR chest is the worst of the four in my book, so leaving the chest simply mythic for a long time is the best way to go for budgeting


As with STR, players on a budget will not be able to justify 74754 guild coins for 1 (or 1.8) MR.

This is also the WORST USE OF T1 AND T2 STONES POSSIBLE. DON’T TOUCH THIS. It only gives primary stats – just level up your crystal and save yourself the 75k guild coins.
As with STR, this gets awkward if you want to T3, as the MR on helm is hard to argue against. Still, that’s a future consideration.


I rank chest over helm simply because players will unlock T1 before they unlock T2. Taken in totality, the combined T1 and T2 upgrades give 30 (54) DODGE or 30 (54) ACC for chest or helm, respectively. DODGE and ACC are pretty much equal in my book for AGI heroes, though I give a slight edge to DODGE, but if I were to pick only one of the two to T1 and then stop for whatever reason, the chest clearly gets the nod over the helm.

The Ti helm only gives primary stats. As previously discussed, these types of upgrades suck. However, this is worth getting eventually only because you need it to get the T2 upgrade for an additional 30 (or 54) ACC.


Gear is not created equal and I hope this helps you understand why. It should be pretty obvious that before the introduction of T3 gear, weapons and boots of all types were undisputedly top priority. This does not hold true for T3, so I will link two guides from pals of mine (who are far smarter than I am) on T3 priorities, as well as a guide that explains the actual impact of having faction gear relative to wrong-faction gear.

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