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Ever since I started playing AFK Arena, everyone was “Shemira is the best!” and facing her, in the beginning, was hard. All top players had her so, I made her Ascended. Every upgrade I thought to myself, “now she’ll be good to have..”. But to this day, I have never used her because of no matter the setup, other characters are better.

So what character is the best? According to me, it’s actually one you don’t seem to often. Namely Grezhul. No matter what setup I have, he’s in my party and almost indestructible. I rarely lose to A.I. because my characters die. I mostly loose due to the time 1:30 runs out if anything.

Don’t imagine Grezhul as a startup purple elite. Think ahead a bit. What characters do you want when the fighting gets really hard..? I added two pictures of my Grezhul to help you out.

Just look at those stats. He always has 5 to 10 skeletons around him, each deal a good amount of damage. Grezhul has over 50.000 in damage, over 16.000 in defence and over 1 MILLION in life. He even steals his opponents defence stats and minimizes the magic damage to ALL allies by 20%! And I’m far from done maximizing this wonderful character named Grezhul.

And if you read the stats you see something else. “Skeletal warriors can now use its own abilities.”

grezhul skills

If you use Grezhul together with Lucius, the protection shield Lucius puts up, all skeletal gets their own shield! If you heal, skeletal can be healed.

And that’s not all. Look at the second picture. Every time a skeletal dies (which they do because they lose life over time), Grezhul recovers 20% (or rather, over 200.000) in life for every skeletal that dies. And he just keeps summoning them. He is almost indestructible, and even if not, he is a force to be reckoned with. And if you look at the next step that I’ve yet to unlock. The next step is that even more skeletals are gonna be summoned! Dealing even more damage, getting even more life, being even more fearful.

I’m new to this forum even if I’ve played for a while now, but it still confuses me how Shemira is all you hear about. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky listening to the wrong people. But man, if you want my best tip, put everything into Grezhul! You can even buy his purple elite-card with certain in-game currency which means if you’re serious about him, then nothing can stop you. Not even unlucky scroll-draws.

If you like this tip, please let me know since I’m as I said, new to the community-forum and it keeps me motivated if someone likes what I write or follows you. I’ve got more tips up my sleeve.

grezhul afk arena

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