This AFK Arena Hunting Fields Guide is intended primarily for first-time participants and light players who want to reach heroic rank.

If your goal is to defeat the boss multiple times or get frame please keep in mind that the strategies and standards will be different from those described here.

the hunting fields afk arena

Things to do in Hunting Fields

  • If possible, try to avoid joining in “Lone Wolf” and use invitations to form hunting squads. You can reduce the risk of abandonment by discussing and participating, within your guild members.
  • When the event starts, first try to acquire camps up to the acquisition limit.
  • The challenging seal of challenge should basically be transferred to the charge of
    the Celepogeans+Dims.If you’re in charge of the Celepogeans+Dims, you can hit the mini-bosses based on your hero’s growth and relic rank. (See below for details)
  • Basically, all the relic you get should be put in a shared bag once. In many cases, the same relic is required across factions, so don’t be greedy and try to strengthen the entire hunting squad.
  • It is recommended to synthesize relics after you have all the materials you need to make it, as this will save your hunting coins.
  • The Graveborn . Celepogeans+Dims charge needs to be willing to attack the bosses. These two factions should be left to those with well-growed heroes.
  • If it is difficult for you to take a T5 camp by yourself, actively ask for help. This is because the number of T5 camps required to rank up is quite large, so multiple people need to have them.

Things not to do in Hunting Fields

  • Don’t suddenly use the Challenging seal to hit the mini-boss right after the event starts.
  • There is no need to work hard to extend the path to Khazard in the initial state. By increasing the rank of your hunting squad, you will be able to extend your territory without stamina consumption by sweep.
  • As with regular AE, avoid wasting stamina by getting wiped out when attempting to get camps. If you are unsure, try to play the battle at constant or double speed, so that you can retreat at any time.
  • Unless you have a HUGE reason to do so, don’t leave it completely unattended, as it will cause a lot of trouble for your friends. At the very least, make sure to automatically share equipment automatically and transfer challenging seals.
  • You should avoid situations where the mini-boss has very little health left, as it would be a waste of the challenging seal. Prepare your relics so that you can see the damage done by one challenge and have enough time to defeat it.
  • It is not recommended to hit the mini-bosses in the second area (Vurk, Safiya, etc.), right after reaching them. The second or third round of mini-bosses in the first area is a more efficient way to get equipment.
  • Adrax’s beacons that your own faction gets debuffed are extremely difficult to defeat. Be sure to destroy only beacons that your faction does not get debuffed.

What Factions to use in Hunting Fields?

In this event, each player chooses his or her preferred faction when joining a squad. Only heroes from that faction can be used during the event.

Also, given the current meta, the role you play during the event will vary greatly depending on the faction you choose. In particular, Graveborn and Celepogeans+Dim have many powerful heroes and those in charge of those are expected to work as carry players.

If you don’t have well-growed Graveborn and Celepogeans+Dim player, it will be difficult to progress.

Therefore, here are the criteria for choosing these two factions.


Should be for main gate boss and Adrax!


daimon SI+20 Furn 3/9

grezhul SI +1 Furn 3/9


daimon SI+20 Furn 3/9

grezhul SI +30 Furn 9/9

Oden SI +30 Furn 3/9

silas SI +30 Furn 9/9



Ainz SI +20 Furn 3/9

elijah lailahmortas Elite+


Ainz SI +30 Furn 9/9

Albedo SI +30 Furn 3/9

elijah lailah SI +20 Furn 3/9

mortas Elite+

arthur SI +30 Furn 3/9

talene SI +30 Furn 3/9

Best Formation for Bosses

At the moment, the boss and mini boss formation for Graveborn and CHAD have been solid as follow:

daimonizold grezhulsilasOden

Albedotalene Ainzmortaselijah lailah

Below is the best timing of attacks based on relic rank (If the character in the right column has an exclusive rune, it doesn’t matter if it is lower than the notation!)

hunting fields boss timing

Mini Boss Attack Procedure

Below is an example of the recommended timing for attacking mini-bosses and the order in which they should be defeated.

The strategy is based on the assumption that challenging seals are passed between members!

hunting fields Mini Boss Attack Procedure

Full Relic List

Legendary Relics

the hunting fields relic list

Mythic Relics

mythic relic hunting fields

Other Tips for Hunting Fields

About forming a squad before the start of the expedition:

  • Leader: Invite first from “Team up → Invite” and wait until there are 5 members ready. Never press “Match” button until 5 players are ready! (If not, The game with ramdam players will start instantly.)
  • Members: When you receive an invitation, tap on it and select “Join hunting group”. Select the faction you want to use, and then tap “Confirm”. If you inadvertently rejected the invitation, ask the leader or members who has already joined to invite
    you again.

About sharing relics in bags

It is recommended to turn on automatic sharing with this switch if possible. This is very useful because it eliminates forgetting to share equipment when opening treasure chests or relic dropping. Anything that can be equipped at the moment will automatically stay in the bag.

Synthesize relics using coins

Due to the fact that there are no materials other than coins in Mythic relic, Legendary and lower relic should be dropped from treasure chests or synthesized from lower level materials as much as possible.

When synthesizing materials for lower level relics, it is best to refer to the “Synthesis Formula”.

Example: When you tap the material of the relic you want to make in the synthesizing screen, you will be taken to the synthesizing screen for that material. By using it to synthesize Lower rank materials, synthesis can be carried out efficiently.

On the other hand, if you combine hunting coins from the “Acquisition” screen, There is a possibility of wasting the coins.

About Camps

hunting fields camps

Due to specifications such as the fact that the rank of dropped relic continuously increases with the rank of the camp, and the fact that the camp has a strict possession limit, it seems to be better to keep swapping to higher and higher camps, instead of using the strategy of “swap territories so that they go up two ranks” like in normal AE. The drop interval for relics is unknown (verification required).

Adrax Information

adrax info

Boss HP listed above is the value at the beta version, and will be changed in the official version (reduced the HP of the first and fourth life of Adrax, and increased the HP of his second and third life). Adrax recovers his HP up to 80% and activates the beacon when his HP drops below 80%. Therefore, if his HP is close to 80%, you may want to send out Secondary team to save your stamina. Destroying beacon damage is the percentage damage of the boss’s maximum health that it receives for each beacon destroyed. When his HP reaches 40%, all the remaining beacons will be automatically destroyed. Therefore, it is sufficient to attack only the number of beacons listed in the table.So, attacking only the number of beacons listed in the table is sufficient.

All of the beacons have incredibly powerful faction debuffs except one, so be sure to only attack beacons that do not debuff your faction. In order to destroy the beacon, you need to wipe out a multi-stage battles However, this is different from the usual multi-stage battles in that you can send the same heroes out as many times as you want, so it is relatively easy to wipe out as you can freely organize. When Adrax’s HP reaches 40%, he will enter a rage state and his attack pattern will change.

Based on our experience in the previous event, it is thought that you can efficiently damage the boss by attacking it with Celepogeans+Dim before it becomes enraged, and with Graveborn after it becomes enraged.


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