The Island of Solitude is our new major summer event, and with it comes a set of new ideas and experimental gameplay features to try out.

This event will begin on UTC 00:00 08/04/2021 and last for 14. Let’s start by diving into the event features and rules.

Island of Solitude Event

The Island of Solitude Event

This is the main focus of the event. It comes with three new features as well as innovations on our past events.

You’ll be spawned into a large map somewhat resembling the previous “Forest Escapade event where you’d fight a global boss every day and clear vines/fight enemies for rewards.
I’ll address the basics here.

You are able to use 20 Heroes and it’ll auto place your 20 highest power heroes.Ascensions do not matter for obtaining rewards.

All 20 heroes will have a stamina system similar to the abyssal Expeditior .This stamina goes up by 20 per day, you’ll start with 20, and most importantly you can swap heroes WITHOUT losing any stamina.

Heroes also have martial ratings meaning their levels are your crystal level divided by 10, plus 240. Enemy strength is scaled to each player but will not increase as the event is ongoing.

You cannot use mercenaries at all.

You spawn into a large and somewhat overwhelming looking map. Your first priority should be to locate your “Farming”, “Fishing”, and “Ship Repair” areas as these are time-consuming.

Ship Repair can be found on the bottom right of your island near the farming areas.
For ship repair you add a hero similar to farming except instead of yielding you resources for the event, it’ll slowly rebuild the ship by 0.5% per hour and at benchmarks of 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% you’ll be granted rewards.

This ship takes about 8 days to complete so you’ll want to start this as soon as possible. Right next to the ship repair are also 7 chests that float onto Land once a day for 7 days. Make sure to grab those for free rewards.

Fishing takes 1 Stamina per hour and works similarly to how you’d garrison a hero during the abyssal expedition in which they’ll passively farm you “fish”, which are used when fighting the boss for stat boosts.

Fishing will take 8 hours for a fish to drop. Given you generate 20 stamina per day and fishing costs 1 stamina per hour, you’ll need to watch how low your hero’s stamina gets so as to not pause your resource acquisition. Only 1 hero can fish at a time.

Farming is the same as fishing; however instead of being limited to one hero, you can have four down at once.

The Island of Solitude Boss

The Island of Solitude Boss

There is a rotating global boss that you can challenge 5 times a day; however, each trial takes stamina and there are no restarting battles. Each boss consists of 5 heroes who use their normal skills.

There is also a standard buff/debuff on allies that can be found at the top of the battle screen. Each boss battle has a “Despair State” which can be found on the reward progress bar in the boss screen.

Activating this state is all you need to get the rewards from battling the boss so you do NOT need to use 5 heroes for the bosses as long as you can trigger this state. Battles cost 8  stamina per hero.

Meta teams can be found by looking in the “leaderboards” tab or through those spread on social media but generally I wouldn’t aim to do high boss damage unless you’re a high spender.

Only your highest attempt is saved for boss damage, and there’s also free gold for attacking the boss as well as breaking your damage record.

Exploring The Map

Exploring The Map

The map for the Island of Solitude is quite expansive and confusing at first. I suggest splitting the map into sections and tackling one set of enemies and rewards before moving onto the next. Clearing vines costs 8 stamina and only takes that stamina off of one hero.
Battles cost 8 stamina and take that amount off each hero used in the battle. It is heavily incentivized to use less than S heroes per battle where possible, however if you try a battle and feel you’re going to lose it, pause and exit the battle as to avoid wasting all of your stamina and wiping out.

It only costs 1 stamina per hero to retry versus 8 if you get wiped out. It’s also worth avoiding the use of 4x speed during these battles.This will take a large period of time to complete and should be expected to be a slow process.


Island Survival

This can be found in the top right of your Island of Solitude screen, and is a battle pass-esque element similar to our ;previous battle of blood event pass that has free rewards and bonus ones for spenders.

There’s also quests for everyone that progress you along the pass. You should always aim to complete these as at the end is a free Mehira skin. Once you’ve readied the skin you have no need to complete any further quests. High-Value spender deal.

The Final Night

This Voyage of Wonders is a part of this event.

Simply follow the guide below to finish it with ease:



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