Everything you want to know about Kren in AFK Arena!

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Kren Pros and Cons


  • Damage and control after ult
  • Strong on event bosses
  • One of the best carries for Mauler Tower


  • Vulnerable when he moves frontline and when not using his ult
  • Requires lots of control/barricades
  • Difficult for early-game players to use
  • Difficult to use in PvP

Kren In-depth Guide

Extreme control with the very best ultimate in the game. Kren can be considered somewhat risky and requires specific setups. He suffers in certain matchups a lot more than Raku, particularly due to his tendency to run to the bottom-right half of your team’s field during the battle. Kren is a great option for many bosses, most notably Chasmic Altar, and has the potential to be high tier for most bosses going forward.

Signature Item

+30 Required (+20 Early Campaign)

The SI20 provides enough control with the ult for most situations prior to the extreme portions of the campaign. As control becomes more prominent, the S130 is even more powerful, eventually being a requirement to function and further scaling his dominance in the later stages. It also provides additional bulk that can make a difference in the early periods where he is most vulnerable. It also ensures he is the likely recipient of the Barricade buff.

SI30 is where Kren takes over, with every hit from his ult turning into a stun. This is the point where the ult becomes battle defining assuming his ult hits most for all of the enemy team, which creates chain stuns until the damage kills them.

SI20 gives some relevance to his ult by making it take 2 hits to stun, which can prove useful if you are able to control, or kill the enemies. Generally, the stats given from this are enough to provide enough damage to deal with most enemies prior to the late endgame.


9 Required (3 Pre CH36)

Furniture 9 in particular provides significant coverage which can scale his damage much easier into the extreme stages of campaign. Furniture 3 is likely enough prior to CH 36, however as enemy health continues to scale, the control aspects of his kit become ever more important, with the 9 increasing his relevance.

F9 increases Kren’s efficiency and ease of control while keeping the enemy team on their own side. When used with aggressive cores like Skreg/Tidus, F9 makes a significant difference and covers most of the enemy side of the battlefield. It’s primarily a consistency factor, which isn’t decisive in practice but slightly expands Kren’s uses.
F3 reduces the burden on the front line during the early stages. It does add power to his ultimate as well later in the fight and increases control as enemies struggle to recoup.


dura s callCall is by far the strongest artifact on Kren since he relies on his ult at the peak of his strength as it provides his chain control-a significant part of his value. Additional haste also provides increased generation throughout the fight, reduces the downtime of his ult chain, and increases the consistency of his team greatly.

verdant longbowBow can also add a significant amount of damage with an extreme amount of control on his team, though it is rare that he suffers from lack of damage.

shroud of verdureShroud is a niche option with huge burst, but this is best offset with Barricade than Shroud in nearly every situation.

Example Kren Team

rowanbrutus lycamehirakren

Kren generally excels with heroes who can either help him ult as quickly as possible, like Raine, control based heroes who can ensure that the enemies are no threat before his power curve kicks in, like Mehira. Has fantastic synergy with fortitude heroes due to Barricade, which is often required to keep him alive due to his riskier positioning. This can be mitigated with aggressive or extreme control, too. He also has incredibly fun synergy with Zaphrael, though this won’t be applicable for most players due to Zaph’s expensive nature.

Kren is reliant on his ult, which provides massive damage and control. He does little else when not ulting.

Immunity+Buff/CC teams uses front line immunity tanks and either buffing allies to help him ult faster or control based allies. At the higher levels, he is often used with Raku as Raku’s strong burst ensures that Kren’s ult is often the killing blow.

Aggressive teams are designed to push enemies back immediately assuming that Kren will be able to ult and stun the entire enemy team while they are pushed back into a smaller area. This concept works until CH 36 where the enemies will burst down the core before Kren can ult.

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