mehira afk arena

Initially, when I got my Mehira ascended to Mythic, where she was already proving useful in late-game stages I would position her at the center of the backline.

Why? Because she is an Intel hero and that’s where they usually belong! Also her charm skill would cover the whole of the enemy team when she would ultimate.

But then it occurred to me, she is also labelled as a tank character. So I have it a go. She has some of the most powerful regeneration abilities of any hero so she should survive pretty decently, especially with the faction 30% defence buff she gives to the whole team.

To my surprise she is in fact one of the best tanks, or off-tanks (especially paired with Lucius)!! She is so good she has completely replaced Brutus where I would normally use him. Not only can she tank, but as a tank she has something unique: powerful crowd control on ultimate! It actually makes her an extraordinarily effective tank.

She hasn’t seen the backlines since then!

Even if you don’t have a Mehira, try using her on the front line from a borrowed mercenary to see how good she is.

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