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Games, as we all know, is a mean through which children can enjoy their time and also they can compete with each other. Through the ages, the advancement of games is changing rapidly.

Every day thousands of new games are launched and all are unique and different from the other. Earlier there were a very limited number of games that were played either in the desktop or TV monitor.

After the announcement of idle gaming style, the gaming world has entered a new phase. There were many debates and discussion also whether it is going to be successful or not in a market where the keyboard plays an important role in gaming techniques.

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December 2019 Version Updated

Why Not Just Go AFK on your PC?

AFK Arena is the first and initial step towards this gaming revolution, earlier there were games that were played by clicks or touch but this game has voice commands which makes it unique in gameplay and you can go “Away From Keyboard”. You just need a login ID and a password to start the gameplay. The gameplay will still continue even after you log out from it and the moment you log in again the scenario may be changed. Like usual stuff, you need to build your own team or join any team and then prepare yourself for war with the other clans that play the game.

AFK Arena Computer Features

  • The gameplay will continue even if you log out in between.
  • You can upgrade yourself soon, so there is a tough competition.
  • Build your own team based on the game tier list.
  • You can slow down or speed up to accommodate your gameplay
  • You can have war battles between different clans, so you can check where you belong in the game.
  • There is recruitment for better players before the war, you need to be attentive when the announcements are made.
  • Make your strategies to build and guide your clan to be better every day.
afk arena pc gameplay
AFK Arena PC Gameplay

How to play AFK Arena on Mac

Overall, the response is positive from the user as it checks all the boxes that modern gameplay demands. Also, it is easy for players to speak better than typing commands. As it is controlled by voice commands there are many gift codes generated to gain shortcut techniques during the gameplay which are nowhere unknown by the players. Though there is one thing which many people are not happy and that is AFK Arena version for PC cannot be played in Indian and other Asian countries and these countries provide them a huge profit as the level and craze for gameplay is too high in Asian Countries and this game will hit the market with huge hits. Ironically this game was launched in China which is one of the dominant countries in Asia. Launched in 2013 namely Hero Tactic, this game got huge fame in the gaming market.

What Attracts The Player Over The World to play AFK Arena on Personal Computers?

Nowadays people want arcade games more than any other game. These games change their gameplay according to the need of the era and further making their old version better than the previous one. The graphics of AFK Arena on PC are extremely good and eye-catching. Though the role play in this game is too sensitive and better than the rest of the world. The storyline of this game is very attracting and interesting to play.

Though there are a lot more games that have a similar storyline and gameplay technique, the question arises when it is talked about the style of playing. Other famous games have their base whole over the world. There are still many things that are not answered till date by the makers of this game.

  • There is a myth from many gamers that this game brings a lot of malware when installing or when there is an update.
  • The updated version or the new games need a higher graphics version of the processor which is not available in many parts of the world.
  • There are lots of players who have given negative reviews that they are not upgraded that fastly compared to the other players who belong to the eastern parts of the globe.
  • Though this is a good way to play still most players like to play either by touch and play or through the keyboard type games which brings more excitement in them.

Even after being so successful in many parts of the world, this game never became worldwide famous and the reason was very clear. Also, there was no interest shown by the gamers after the same gameplay was launched in keyboard games.

opening cards while playing afk arena pc

Anyone will surely love new gaming techniques and when it is made more simple then there should be no boundaries. This game brought a lot of challenges for other gaming sites, and also might have ended their business, but this style was not accepted that much as it was expected. The trend does not last long and hence the games are not that much played outside the subcontinent. Modern games demand more where there is more bloodshed and competing against the entire world but AFK was somehow not played in many parts of the world. Though PC version of AFK Arena was once best trending in Google Play Store and App Store, it has declined now in Play Store but its ratings are too high and it is still trending in App Store. Not every time the change brings a positive response from gamers, some are not liked by all the gamers.

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Well, who knows. Maybe tomorrow these games will be in demand and will be liked by everyone. One more reason why it has not achieved what it deserves is that there was no other brand or gaming site which launched a similar game. This would have made the competition tougher in the market and the game would have been a lot more popular and famous than today. Other than this, there is hardly any complain from the gamer regarding the graphics, its animation, texture, and everything is worth watching. That’s why it is made AFK so that you can watch and enjoy rather than playing and typing. AFK games maybe the best games in the upcoming generation.

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