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So once you finally get a decent way into AFK Arena, you’ll unlock the Peaks of Time. These adventures are a great way to obtain awesome rewards to help progress your heroes even further throughout the game.

Now some of the time, you can blaze your way right through each adventure without any trouble. But as you get further into the adventures, this happens less and less.

Now if this happens, there a few things you can do to help complete the adventure as easily as possible

General Peaks of Time Tips

Shared by Zakaru

Sequential Battling

When you start the adventure, look at every opponent to gauge the teams and levels of the opponents. Find the lowest level team among them and start from there. Then once you defeat them, go to the next lowest team. This allows you to gain strength from the relics you receive and slowly be on par, and eventually pass, the strength of your opponents. Most times, this may require a lot of jumping around the map, but it will increase your chances of success.

Adjusting Team Selection

If you’re still having trouble, try adjusting your team to combat the enemy based on the skills of your heroes. For example if the enemy has one hero that consistently causes trouble for you, if it’s the strongest member of the enemy team, include a Fawkes in your team to take them out of the equation for a few seconds at a time.

Revisit the Adventure Later

As you get into the later adventures, the first two solutions will only carry you so far. There may be times you can defeat every enemy team except for the bosses guarding the crystal chests. This is natural later on. I myself still have trouble. However, if you defeat all the enemies besides the bosses, you can halt the adventure and revisit it later. Take the rewards you’ve already earned and use them to boost your main heroes. Subsequently, if you’ve defeated all but the bosses, you’ll have most likely cleared more than 60%, possibly unlocking the next adventure. This is only true if you’ve progressed far enough in the campaign to meet the campaign requirement. If you have, you can “Finish the Adventure” and start the next one to progress as far as you’re able to gain more rewards, which may help you level your heroes far enough to defeat the bosses that were previously giving you trouble.

These are the 3 solutions that have helped me the most throughout my gameplay in Peaks of Time. Try them out, and if you have any other solutions that have worked for you, feel free to post them in the comments for others to try!

Best Tricks for Peaks of Time

Shared by KrazyKyle1024

I have been playing this game for some time now, and I feel like I have picked up a lot of things about this game, especially in Peaks of Time. There are a few things you can do to optimize your runs, some of which are really easy to do.

1. Obviously, it’s really important to start off with a good team. Some heroes have healing abilities, whether from regeneration or from life steal, while others have some other way of making it not matter that they have taken some damage. Ideal healers/self-sustainers are Lucius, Nemora, Shemira, and Izold, while Numisu and Talene are also pretty good. Some heroes also have reviving abilities or some other kind of restoration, like Thoran, Talene, and Mehira. Basically, if you combine some of these heroes with DPS/buffers, you can get a solid team that can survive the wear and tear from PoT.

2. Think about how difficult a battle will be, and whether it is necessary to fight at the moment. There are usually some difficult fights in PoT, but you can usually avoid fighting them until later. Make sure to fight weaker enemies to get relics, and you should be good. The key is to reset the battles or to stop them if your heroes are dying in a fight, so you can keep going.

3. There is a really cool mechanic with obtaining relics that was shown to me on Reddit. Basically, whatever relics are currently out, they can only be out once. So if there is a chest with 2 or 3 bad relics in it, don’t collect the chest until later, because that will keep the relics out if the prize pool, letting you have a higher chance of getting the relics you want. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to do this with 0 or 1 bad relics, since you don’t want to get good relics out of the pool.

relics in peaks of time

(Note: this isn’t an ideal thing unless the branch is actually a god tier item that I didn’t realize, it’s just to show an example of me using it)

4. Don’t use auto mode (and if you use Shemira as your main carry, try to use heroes with a long ult animation). It would be bad if you only have one enemy with 5% HP and Nemora decides to use her ult so it only ticks once instead of 4 times, or use the ult from your carry hero.

(Also, if you use Shemira, what you can do is activate her ult, then activate another hero’s ult about a second later. If done right, her ult can go off while the other hero is charging their ult. Really good heroes for this are Nemora, Lyca, Izold, and the twins)

Defeat Peaks of Time 100% with Shemira as a Free-to-Play Player

Shared by Blimey

This guide will give you some general tips and tricks that helped me clear all peaks. I will not tell you how to get to specific chests or which path to choose.

Minimum Requirements:

  • The benchmark for me to clear all peaks was a level 240 Shemira. If you have one you should be able to clear this content. The rest doesn’t matter too much.
  • 220 can clear The Abysmal Delves
  • 200 can clear Vipers March

Hero recommendations:

  • Lucius, Fawkes, Rowan, Rosa and Nemora will make your life easy. Especially Rosa can be a deciding factor when facing some of the tougher camps.
  • Brutus and Thoran are also great for the last chief enemy camps.

Energy Management / Playstyle:

You want to play manual for most stages to save on energy.

Use Fawkes ultimate to finish off Brutus if you have him.

The common camps are for you to gain 100% energy and health. Don’t use ultimates. Leave some of those small camps up to regenerate before a chief fight.

Common (and later Elite camps) die with a single initial ultimate from Shemira.

Once you got your relics (see next chapter) and reach the chief camps put shemira in the back and fill your team with 4 graveborn/cc/tanks that stall and then die. Watch Shemira solo the boss.

Relic Recommendations:

  • Tier S (get all of these and you win)
    1. Icebringer
    2. Firebringer
    3. Statue Of Retribution
    4. Deathly Embrace
  • Tier 1 (Pick these!)
    1. Thunderburst
    2. Poisonous Embrace
    3. Unmounted Heart
    4. Sunstone+Moonstone
    5. Aegis of Preservation
    6. The Silent Hope
  • Trash Tier: Everything regenerating life/energy outside of battles.

Other than those just pick damage over protection. Those random relics won’t tip the scale.

Reroll the Peaks where you can see the relics without killing camps until you are good to go.

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