Complete guide to Raku, one of the best carries in AFK Arena right now!

raku afk arena

Raku Pros and Cons


  • Versatile
  • Works in most positions due to CC immunity
  • Insane early burst
  • Works well in dual-carry comps
  • Excellent at 3F


  • Lacks damage prior to SI30
  • Needs control and strong front line
  • Damage sharply falls off after buffs run out
  • Struggles against aggressive teams

In-depth Raku Guide

Raku’s primary damage is directed on the enemy directly opposite to him, which makes him an excellent option to counter an opposing carry where you have additional sources of damage and invade is not available. Control immunity during the initial stages also makes him a very versatile hero in positions where most other carries would struggle. However, he suffers from a lack of control at the highest end where pure damage is not enough.

Signature Item

+30 is required

Generally, it’s difficult to get Raku to work below SI30 as his autos don’t hit hard enough without it. He can output decent damage with bow below that point, but S130 is absolutely transforming, turning him into one of the best true carries in the game. It’s also worth noting, the bonus stats scale his HP damage as they benefit from his initial flat attack.

S130 gives most of Raku’s power via his attack speed and scaling with his buff. It completely transforms him into a carry viable at the highest stages of the game. This is a very high Si priority both in terms of absolute power and how much it changes the hero.

SI20 makes Raku a haste debuff bot, which is useful in niche scenarios, but does not provide notable power in comparison to others. At this point his power is rather limited, keeping him a niche unit.


3/9 is required

Furniture 3/9 is incredibly synergistic with the teams that Raku often finds himself in. His high attack speed combined with his scaling damage from his auto attacks provides incredibly consistent damage with the 3/9. As you may know, his ult has a significant duration, which means in many situations it is actually a DPS loss over allowing him to auto-attack. That being said, with a good Celerity tree, the benefits of the ult securing a kill will make up for this momentary lapse of haste buff from Raku’s first ability.

F9 depends on the Celerity tree and whether or not Raku’s ult with the furniture ability can kill an enemy and trigger the haste from the tree. The issue is that due to his boss uses as well as the long animation that results in DPS loss, this makes F9 relatively niche.

F3 synergizes with control teams that Raku is often used in to increase his buff uptime, giving him more damage and influence over the long period of the fight.


Eye, Bow, Shroud

dura s eye

Eye is the best option once you have the 3/9 as it improves the uptime of his haste buff due to more hits from the haste from Eye 5.

verdant longbowBow is also a strong option, potentially providing more DPS than Eye as well as improving his base attack significantly, which scales his S130 further.

shroud of verdureShroud is an option where extreme burst is the only option or when he is in danger of dying. It is worth noting he excels with control focused teams such as Mehira, Ferael, and POP, SO shroud may vary in its use.

Example Lineup for Raku

rowanbrutus faraelmehiraRaku

Raku operates as one of the strongest solo carries in the game, but struggles to survive the early period without control from the backline.

Generally, Mehira, Tasi, Ferael, Gorvo, and others are the preferred methods of control. There is a variant of his team that consists of Numisu and a Mauler core to keep the focus off Raku. He also works very well with Fortitude heroes and their barricade to further increase his survivability.

When Raku’s buff is up, he does insane damage, but the influence of that damage drops slightly throughout the fight.

Control-orientated teams weaken Raku’s downsides and make his power curve into a more gradual line. He also works with a duo carry setup, particularly with carries who hit their spike mid to late battle.

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