Is Shemira now worth playing in AFK Arena? Let’s discuss about this today!

Shemira AFK Arena
Shemira Fanart by wen-m

Shemira is not worth playing anymore!

Yes, I’m ready for the hate. But before you break your phone from how quickly you move your thumbs in texting, allow me to explain my thinking.

Shemira was added in a time where there weren’t even 25 chapters in this game. At that point, it’s probably reasonable to say that level gaps were pretty much non-existent, and people weren’t judged for reaching chapter 24 with lv 240 heroes. They probably would be now, but consider how few good heroes there were at this time. This is where she really shines because her ult tears through opponents at this point like it’s nothing. Even in chapter 26 and 27, teams at reasonable level gaps can do that because of the extra support and features that have been added since.

However, things have changed. There are now 50% more chapters than there were, and at that point it’s pretty much impossible to catch up with the opponent on levels. She can’t be overleveled either since you’d hit power cap way before that point, and she just doesn’t perform damage-wise at those level gaps anyway. Very few people (if any) use her in chapter 33+ even though you need five teams to beat your opponent, because at that point there are so many better options that she’s just a relic of the past, maybe used to silence a mage like Solise but that’s about it.

Same story in the towers, but to a greater extent. In there she’s in direct competition with Daimon (kinda sad to see your kid outperforming you in every way) and especially Ainz now, who has basically everything she wishes she was. CC immunity, a burst ult that does massive damage, a ton of crit amplification, and an actually good SI. (Seriously, I’m seeing him carry at almost 200 level gaps but that’s for another time.) Daimon, Ainz, Eironn, Thoran, there are just so many better and easier teams to use that can still work at high level gaps that it makes me wonder if I’d still have built her if these options existed at the time of me playing through midgame.

And don’t get me started on GB tower. I still see people using her there a lot, but at this point it’s either for her niche use or as a temporary dodge tank, and even then I wonder if people would use her if they had better options. In end game tower, Daimon and Izold just work like magic carpet mpared to her, and the superior GB mage Oden has utility because of his portals and great ult.

She also sees very little use in PvP, not just in LC but in general late/end game PvP. That’s pretty much dominated by Eironn, god comp, or Dimensionals for singles, and all three of those in challenger. I never see her being used in a viable manner that wasn’t just from her being overleveled, and I’ve reached a point where seeing her is basically Christmas come early. She’s almost completely free when running a good comp.

So, I guess let’s now talk about where she actually is good at: evil Nemora. Yes, her ult is great there, and she’s the best carry option in that one specific boss. However, justifying building her later than midgame for that one reason seems more like an excuse to me than anything. I can totally see building Grezhul because he’s used in multiple TR bosses and isn’t even bad in GB tower. Warek is also alright to build for that reason, and can see niche use in mauler tower if you’re not pushing it too seriously. But is it really worth the fodder, emblems, and furniture to make the legend rank in one boss when so many options are provided to build? For some people, it may be, but I’m not one of those people. I prefer building someone because they have multiple uses.

Actually, she does have a good second use: as a Dimensional link! I got her to five stars to fuse her with Ezio (and to work toward the achievement) and let me say, Ezio has really put in the work! Those extra stats are very nice, and I don’t even have to worry about using them at the same time!

But in all honesty, I doubt I would have built Shemira if I had access to the heroes that are out now. And I don’t blame people that have been playing as long as I have for having her, since many of them probably have similar thoughts. But, I know there are tons of people starting the game now and are wondering who to build, and if there’s anyone that I hope reads this far, it’s the people wondering who to build. I can’t tell you who the best option is because I messed up a lot in late game, but I can definitely tell you that Shemira is nowhere near the best option anymore. We don’t have to keep sniffing the fumes of her ult that are keeping us from the truth, and can finally see the light of day…

That you can literally just merc her if you absolutely have to. The end.

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