While playing AFK Arena, I bet that you have seen a lot of different hero stats like HP, ATK, ACC, etc. But do you really understand how do they actually mean?

In this article, I will give you a full explanation for all of those stats!

afk arena stats

AFK Arena Stats

  • Health or HP – When these go to zero your hero is dead (or about to trigger a death skill). This stat goes down as they are successfully attacked or goes up with healing.
    Attack or ATK – Determines how much HP attacks take out from the enemy units.
  • Defense or DEF – A counter-stat to Attack. Reduced the effects of attacks.
  • Crit Rating or CRIT – How often does the hero do double damage.
  • Dodge or DODGE – Affects the chance to evade enemy attacks.
  • Accuracy or ACC – A counter-stat to Dodge. More accuracy means the enemy is less likely to dodge.
  • Haste or MSPD – Determines character animation speed, including movement, casting and attack speed. Very important.
  • HP Recovery – Passive health recovery per second of HP. In some other places can mean %HP.
  • Magic Resist or MR – Percentage of magical attacks that will be ignored when hit.
  • Physical Resist or PR – Percentage of physical attacks that will be ignored when hit.
  • Life Leech or LL – How much HP is recovered when hitting an enemy (likely proportionate to ATK).

These are the base mechanics of the game, but there are many others hidden in how skills, signature items and artefacts work.

Notice that strength heroes focus on HASTE, PR
Agility heroes on CRIT, ACC, DODGE
Intelligence heroes on MR, DODGE, CRIT

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