This post will give you a somewhat idea of how the AFK Arena system works when doing 10x Summons. Hopefully, it also helps you to increase your chances to receive Elite Heroes from the Scrolls!

summon elite heroes afk arena

Summoning Elite Heroes from Scrolls

To begin with, we have the Faction Scrolls, Common Scrolls and Companion Points (which we can use to draw 10x pr 100CP).

The pulls from companion points are completely separate from this system and don’t matter if you do single pulls or 10x pulls your chances are exactly the same.

The Formula of Single Draws is as followed

Common is 51.69%, Rare is 43.70% and Elite is 4.61% (as specified in-game).

The formula of only 10x Draws is as followed

10 pulls you should give you an average 5.37% Elites, which is 16.49% more elites than the 4.61% single pull rate.

The Faction pool is connected with the Common Pool.

Doing 10x common draws (2 times) & doing the 3rd 10x draws at faction pool will increase your chances to get an elite at the faction part. As the probability of getting elite increases based on the number of times tried.

Pulling at least 1 Hero of each rarity:

  • At least 1 in 5 is 97.37% for common 94.34% rare 21.03% Elite
  • At least 1 in 10 is 99.94% for common 99.69% rare 37.63% elite

The Conclusion

If you focus on getting an elite you’re better off doing 10x draws or just harvest soulstones. However (the trick or strategy here) is in practice by performing 2 times of 10x draws from common scrolls and the 3rd 10x on faction scrolls. (If you wish for an elite from the faction scroll) In a reply from Lilith, it should be a guaranteed at least 1 elite pr 30x pull. However, nothing is guaranteed in this life.

Hope this helps 🙏

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