If you are approaching the late stage of the game and finding the best working AFK Arena teams for PvP, you will find this article helpful!

best afk arena teams

Best AFK Arena Team Formations

  1. Energy Team: Athalia, Twins, Saurus, Rowan, Ezizh
  2. Burst Comp: Alna, Eironn, Lyca, Zaphrael, Zolrath
  3. Stall Team: Mezoth, Talene, Skreg, Flora, Orthos
  4. Budget PvP: Thoran, Wu Kong, Tasi, Flora, Talene
  5. Dimensional: Arthur, Talene, Ainz, Flora, Albedo.

Main PvP Lineups

Teams are split into the following categories: Energy, Burst, Stall.

Energy Teams

Energy Comps aka God Comps are based on their ability to cycle energy and lock their enemies out of using their ults.

They come in quite a few of variations; with Sauruscomps being stronger than Talene ones,
however the Ainz energy comp is an exceptional choice as well.

In the current meta it seems like the Athalia/Saurus combo is the one with the most potential since Athalia is an absolute unit now making this a no brainer.

In many situations the Ainz God Comp is proven the strongest one.If you’re on a budget, you will want to save your Ainz for another lineup.

Recommended Line Up:

athaliaelijah lailah saurusrowanezizh

Team Breakdown + Variations:

With Saurus keeping the team alive and Ezizh locking down the enemy team, Athalia has all the time in the world to work wonder. Her new +30 paired up with her new 3/9 makes her a bleeding machine as she gives debuffs to the whole enemy team.

Tasi works great in this line up, her frequent sleep locks everyone down and especially paired up with her 9/9 she can provide tons of damage.

The main reason I pick Saurus over Talene in this line up is because of the damage output. Saurus deals much more consistent damage, especially when paired up with Twins. It’s also worth noting that Talene is much more useful in different comps such as stall and Dimensionals.

Recommended variations:

tasielijah lailah saurusrowanezizh

talenetasi elijah lailahrowanezizh

elijah lailahAlbedo Ainzrowanezizh

Burst Teams

Burst Comps are pretty straight forward; their purpose is to burst down the enemy team as fast as possible with minimum losses on your side.

Zolrath is the key hero in compositions like this. His 3/9 gives you a massive advantage since your team enters the field 0.75s earlier.

After testing and playing around with every possible variation of this comp I believe that Alna is a beautiful addition to it and works perfect this meta.

Recommended Line up:

alnaeironn lycaZaphraelzolrath

Team Breakdown + Variations:

  • Alna: Ever since Alna was introduced she has been holding the crown for the #1 burst counter. Her addition to this team makes her a perfect match-up vs ANY Zolrath comp. Her ability to give herself and Eironn a 9s immunity to any damage and cc is game-changing. Sadly a +30 and a 9/9 is a must in this situation.
  • Zaphrael: His 9/9 provides a crazy 2s stun, and his early dash and clouds drop some great damage putting him in the #1 damage dealer spot on this comp.
  • Gwyneth: She is Zaph’s replacement since not everyone has Zaph built. Her being a LB doesn’t stop her from dealing some huge damage and early stuns.
  • Lucretia: Literally a cannon;she’s able to do some massive damage in a very short amount of time and keep cycling through Hellfires.However,she is easily countered if cc’d.
  • Lorsan: His link can buff the damage on selected targets and result in them dying within the first seconds of the fight. A great option when you’re in a tree advantage. Usually placed in spot #1 or #3.
  • Nakoruru: Alna’s budget version, but just as practical and useful. She’s able to CC the enemy Eironn if placed against him which can stop him from doing any damage.

Recommended Variations:

nakorurueironn lycaZaphraelzolrath

Lucretiaeironn lycaZaphraelzolrath

lorsaneironn lycagorvozolrath

Stall Formations

Stall Comps aka Flora Stalls are all compositions based on Flora’s ability to do damage over time while the rest of her team is making sure they stay alive and buy time for her.

There are plenty of variations of this comp. Orthros and Flora are the key heroes to this one, though I’ll breakdown the other mains that are used below.

Recommended Line Up:

Mezothtalene skregfloraorthros

Team Breakdown + Variations:

  • Orthros: He is carrying the ultimate stalling kit; from his time suspension ultimate ability to his signature item giving a haste debuff and a nice stun to the enemies close to him. His 3/9 furniture allows Flora to move freely in the field.
  • Mezoth: The definition of a meat shield, Mezoth makes sure you don’t have to worry about fighting a 4v5 while Flora is in the air thanks to his imprisonment. Practically unkillable due to his numerous regens and self buffs.
  • Skreg: Crazy tanky, Skreg provides some great invade CC and his 9/9 giving his allies on the enemy side 100 energy every 3s providing some great ult cycle.
  • Ezio: Also very strong in this line up. He finishes up Flora’s job by executing all the weaker enemies.
  • Talene: Pretty self-explanatory.She can’t be missing from a stall team since her ability to fully heal her allies is game changing.
    Tasi: Great CC, banish really helps during the fight.Paired with Skreg she’s able to cast her ult fairly often.

Recommended Variations:

Mezothtalene Eziofloraorthros

Mezothtalene tasifloraorthros

Budget PvP Lineups

I will only go through a handful of line ups that can be used if you’re missing key heroes such as Zolrath or Orthros.

God comps sadly do not have budget versions, but it’s expected that almost everyone is close to finishing heroes such as Ezizh and Twins at this stage of the game.

thoranMK tasifloratalene

lycatidus skriatheironnsafiya

estrildaeironn lorsangwynethlyca

thoranMK faraelnaraathalia

Dimensional Teams

Ever since Ainz and Albedo were introduced there has been an excessive usage of them in PvP, shifting the meta and providing options for players to testthemout in their teams.

As mentioned earlier, the Ainz Energy comp has been crushing it, beating every other god comp in the previous meta. However, it lacks consistency when it comes to other comps such as Zolrath burst and Flora stall, which is why I dedicated a whole chapter to it.

With the current meta being Burst>Energy>Stall>Burst there was a need for something much more consistent.

This is where Dimensional comps excels.

Introducing Arthur in PvP unlocked a whole new page to this formation. The whole point of this team is to add as many safeguards as possible for Ainz and keep numerous cheat-death options for him on deck as he’s charging his ultimate.

arthurtalene AinzfloraAlbedo

Team Breakdown:

  • Arthur: His +30 makes him immune to ANY CC and helps him regen HP. This makes for a perfect front line for Ainz
  • Ainz: His 3/9 works as a cheat death saving Ainz from getting bursted.
  • Albedo is the perfect pair for this team since her +30 gives a massive stat buff to everyone while also being a bodyguard for Ainz.
  • Talene is here to make sure everyone is kept alive. In the event of a burst attack she can sacrifice herself to keep the damage dealer alive.

Recommended Variations:

The only hero that can really be replaced here is Flora. Some replacements are Rowan, Numisu, Ezio, Rosaline, Mortas, or Lyca.

PvP Hero Minimum Requirements

For late game only.

Faction Hero Requirements
Lightbearer Rowan +30 0/9
Gwyneth +24 3/9
Estrilda +10 0/9
Mauler Skreg +20 9/9
Skriath +0 3/9
Tidus +20 3/9
Safiya +30 3/9
Wilder Saurus +30 0/9
Tasi +20 3/9
Eironn +30 3/9
Lorsan +0 0/9
Lyca +10 0/9
Graveborn Nara +10 3/9
Thoran +30 0/9
Ferael +30 3/9
Celestial Twins +20 3/9
Athalia +20 3/9
Flora +20 3/9
Talene +20 3/9
Zaphrael +30 3/9
Alna +30 9/9
Orthos +30 3/9
Wukong +30 3/9
Hypogean Ezizh +20 3/9
Mortas +30 3/9
Zolrath +20 3/9
Mezoth +30 3/9
Dimensional Arthur +30 3/9
Albedo +30 0/9
Ainz +30 3/9
Nakoruru +20 0/9


Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this, again this is something I made for fun and I don’t consider myself a PvP expert.

Hopefully you have found some of the best working teams in AFK Arena at the moment!


The whole Astral guild for letting me test line ups and providing me with plenty of information.

Astral’s Guild Master Robin for providing all the pictures and taking time to edit this file.

Each one of you that took the time to read this.

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