thoran afk arena

With what I imagine is in the thousands of self-resurrects and millions in otk damage, here’s my experience on getting Thoran’s kill capability at a higher success rate when using the single ultimate winning strategy in AFK Arena.

When to use Thoran?

Keep in mind that nuking 5 individual targets with a single ult is hard to achieve on paper and really unpredictable since it requires a good amount of RNG. Factor the size of the map, individual character animations, distance from Thoran, percent of current health, percent of crit chance and blah-blah-blah…

Anyways, If you’re extremely under-leveled and it seems IMPOSSIBLE passing a niche stage or floor in any part of the tower, it means you’ve maybe hit a ceiling cap with progressing through the game. Either you wait to level up or spend some cash to clear the cap eventually. Or…cheese through it with the Nuke King himself, Thoran.

Team Composition/Synergy for Thoran

Based around supporting the win condition of two of Thoran’s skills, Retaliation and Taint here are a few I’ve saved and typically use.

thoran team composition

  • Ferael — Position [ 4 ] Used for stalling energy until everyone but Thoran is left on the battlefield to soak up or maintain Ghost damage.
  • Nara — Position [ situational ] Whenever I need to bypass Tasi, Fawkes, Brutus or a combo.
  • Isabella — Position [ 3 or 5 ] If I lack finishing damage or if I need to bypass the enemy root/stuns.

thoran team composition 2

  • Lorsan — Position [ in front of whoever I can’t nuke ] Can you say MVP? Lorsan is used for two of his skills, Inner Sight and Gale Force.
  • Lyca — Position [ situational ] When there’s another Lyca, Thoran, Athalia, Ferael or a 5-hero faction…I will use Lyca to either counter-balance energy or gain faster momentum.

thoran team composition 3

  • Ezizh and Mehira: Both or none. Use only for the 2X-Hypo buff.

There’s definitely more combinations out there but these are the ones I always use. I’ve play-tested plenty and vetted enough to say these are my go-to choices to predict a solid win condition.

Quick Fixes/Tips

Let’s just say you’ve attempted the end stage of a chapter for 3+ weeks and you haven’t seen any progressiveness with nuking a win to clear it… Well—pretending you have the right team synergy and positioning, here are a few tiny adjustments you can make that may change the fight completely…

  • Thoran 5*Foot Gear Only (no Dura)
  • Thoran No Gear with Dura’s Call Only
  • Two Hypogeans at level 1 in any position + Thoran No Gear with Dura’s Call + Fareal Max Gear with Dura’s Eye
  • While your channel your ult., you’re able to cause damage in a close radius around you. Careful though because too close is a bad thing—vice versa. Use to your advantage!
  • SI-3 is great but there’s no *mandatory* need to have it. If you feel you need the extra life from the SI-3, this just means you are lacking constant/finishing damage or just better RNG with positioning for your ult.

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