On this page, we are going to give you the best AFK Arena tier list right now in the game.

We rank out Heroes for different stages of the game: Early, Mid and Late game.

afk arena tier list

AFK Arena Tier List

  • Late Game Tier List: Athalia, Shemira, Elijah & Lailah, Lucius, Nemora, Gwyneth, Brutus, Tasi, Kaz, Rosaline, Rowan, Mehira, Orthos, Lyca, Eironn, Farael
  • Early Game Tier List: Saveas, Nemora, Lucius, Tasi, Elijah & Lailah, Mehira, Rosaline, Eironn, Rowan, Safiya, Belinda, Baden, Nara, Ira, Hogan, Golus
  • Best Heroes for Mid Game: Saveas, Tasi, Brutus, Lucius, Eljijah & Lailah, Rosaline, Shemira, Nemora, Athalia, Mehira, Eironn, Hendrik, Baden, Vedan, Safiya, Arden

Best Heroes for Front-line

by 🎀 pαѕcαllє 🎀

A lot of people ask which heroes to put on their front-lines. So here’s a list of the top 10 front-line heroes in the game! (based on my experience~)

  1. Brutus: The king of the front-line thanks to his immunity and low-HP DPS boost, Brutus is essential for ‘pushing’ story stages as far as possible.
  2. Tasi: I’m not kidding. Tasi is the second-best front-line hero. Why? Well, she needs to be ascended enough to survive the first few hits, but she will pop out of position somewhere safe (haha usually not, but that’s where the Tasi RNG comes in). She will waste precious seconds of your enemies’ time and lets you use up a front-line hero slot with a valuable CC ability. More DPS, More CC, more progress.
  3. Lucius: Lucius can soak up a lot of damage with his shield, buying enough time for his bubbles to pop on your team. Either the lone LB or in a faction team he is amazing.
  4. Kaz: If your Kaz has good gear and is highly ascended she can pass stages for you with her high dodge! You might have to play some RNG though.
  5. Thoran: He isn’t a pleasant fellow and is kind of senile, but his resurrect and fear abilities make him prime-front-line material
  6. Nemora: Yes, of course, she is a tank. Why do you even ask? Self-heals FTW!

Top 10 Heroes For Beating Tough Stages

I thought I’d put together a list of the best AFK Arena heroes for beating tough stages (from my experience). These are heroes that I shower with ascension and gear whenever I can!

So here they are, in order of priority.

  1. #1 Brutus: His Immune ability makes him the most important tank in the whole game. And trust me you do need a tank.
  2. Arden: He isn’t popular because of his appearance but he is so easy to make and has an extremely powerful CC skill that’s not even an ult. Very useful all the way to chapter 24.
  3. Tasi: Tasi controls the flow of battle, enough said!
  4. Shemira: Shemira is the main, easy to obtain AOE DPS hero.
  5. Lyca: Lyca will energy buff even if the first thing she dies. She is a debuff and strong DPS hero!
  6. Mehira: Mehira is like a more evil, more lewd version of Tasi with a built-in 30% def buff! Works at low ascension because of healing skill!
  7. Nemora: She’s the best healer with a mind-control skill in the game!
  8. Lucius: Lucius’ shield and heal is game-changing.
  9. Athalia: She needs to be ascended, but once she is, she’s extremely useful for picking at the backlines.
  10. Ferael: So he doesn’t get a pic haha. Ferael is devastating to the enemy with his energy debuff and stun.

Best Heroes in AFK Arena Right Now

Various games with good interactive interfaces are now available on mobile platforms. These games are becoming highly advanced and are having very interactive gameplays which make these games attractive amongst the people of all ages.

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Players spend a good amount of time in such games as they become addictive because of such elements.

Best Tier Lists

If you like playing conquest, role-playing and strategy games and like to have a good entertainment experience through these games then you need to play AFK Arena. The game AFK Arena is a great combination of interactive deck style, strategy, and role-playing game. This game is developed and published by Lilith Games, which is one of the most successful developer and its game, Soul Hunters was hugely successful and came into the list of top-grossing games on Google Play Store.

It was given many other titles on both Apple App Store and on Google Play. Lilith Games is a developer from Shanghai, China which makes mobile games since 2015 and it has made many interesting and fun games of different styles since then for both android and iOS platforms. Lilith Games recently brought its game AFK Arena for the players for an intense battle arena RPG experience.

afk arena tier list
Best Heroes in one battle!

Plot Of AFK Arena Hero Tiers

The plot of AFK Arena tier list revolves around the city of Esperia which was once quite prosperous but later a demon invasion took place and various monsters and a hoard of different demons invaded the city and brought destruction to its land, and you need to fight those demons by making a team of various heroes from 6 factions and using them in order to defeat the demonic hoard by forging weapons and armor and upgrading skills and abilities of the heroes.

You can also unite with other players around the globe to complete quests.

Features of Tier List for AFK Arena

  • The game AFK Arena is very fun to play games which is made in an animated cartoonish form. The game allows you to discover and gain different heroes in the quest and then use them during the battle arena for the fights.
  • The AFK Arena is a game which allows you to explore beautiful tales in the game and discover various adventures throughout the game, it has a very much abundance of rewards which you can achieve by completing the quests in the game.
  • The game provides the new hero with special stats, powers, and moves which can be obtained in the form of cards through the gameplay. The game is based in the medieval style and its environment is crafted beautifully which is inspired by Celtic mythology.
  • The game is quite a balance of strategy and RPG and there is nothing much complicated about the game you just need to follow the quests and upgrade your heroes and their stats in order to use them during battle, even the battles of the game are quite interesting and addictive as these allow you to have full action and fighting experience.
  • This tier list gives you the best knowledge regarding the best Heroes to focus on during the game.
  • The city of the game is named Esperia and you need to explore the city and you can unveil different secrets and can find different treasures in the game which are situated in the mazes of the city.
  • You need to forge an alliance by collecting heroes and suitably making a team with heroes specializing in different skills and powers in order to make an unbeatable team with the best hero tier lists of all the abilities.
  • The game basically consists of pure elements of battle arena which is basically where your team needs to fight the enemy’s team using different attacks and powers and each hero the team can attack turn by turn during the battle, and at the end the team which has dealt most damage and has managed to survive the opponent’s damage wins the fight, many such battles can be done throughout the game in order to progress through the game and the animations in the battle in the game are intense and are well crafted.
  • The game allows players to fight in both Player vs Player mode in multiplayer and also player vs computer mode by battling through the game you can receive in-game currency such as gold, diamonds and other gems in order to make purchases of gears, and other items such as potions, etc. in the game in the game.
  • The currency in the game can be used to buy new magic skills upgrade and buy new weapons, armors for the heroes, etc. also you can upgrade or buy new heroes for your team through the in-game currency based on our Hero tier list. The currency in-game can be collected by completing quests, finding treasures and fighting and winning battles in the game or can be purchased by making in-game purchases of the currency bundles using real money.
  • The game allows you to compile a team of various heroes of various skills which you need to use in different battles thus, the game also has the elements of strategy which make it brain-tickling and addictive in nature, the medieval feel which its animated environment has and the interactive actions of different types make the game very pleasing and addictive.
  • The in-app purchases of the game are also very affordable and effective and you can purchase various currency combos and bundles which are often at discounted rates during various sales.

The game AFK Arena is a very popular game both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store it has more than 10 million downloads on both the stores and has an average rating of about 4.5 out of 5 which is considered excellent for a game.

The game can be downloaded free of cost on any mobile device and you can relish on the best in class adventure and strategy elements of the game.

If you find this tier list hard to understand, please comment down below and let us know. We will be happy to improve it for you!

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