It took me a while to beat Voyage of Wonders in AFK Arena. It was a bit of a challenge which was nice!

The key to beating this event is to use your strongest team, with a healer like Nemora or Lucius.

voyage of wonders afk arena

Voyage of Wonders Guide

The other key is choosing the right relics and getting lucky too!

Energy relics like Silent Hope, Moon/Sunstone are very useful for engaging your ultimate skills repeatedly. In fact the main reason I beat this event was because my Tasi kept sleeping everyone constantly.

Deathly Embrace which auto kills under 15% is amazing.

Any of the relics good for Wrizz (check my guide!) are very useful especially the hammer.

Icebringer and Firebringer ATK/DEF debuff relics are essential.

For some stages, the faction bonus relic may be very useful, if you choose to build teams that are of the opposite faction. It does help a lot, but it may not be enough which is why you really may want not to choose faction specific or hero specific relics. The first because the buffs aren’t an as strong as the above relics. The second because you may need to swap out heroes.

Hope this helps!

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