This AFK Arena wishlist guide will show you the best setup you must have in The Noble Tavern to get the best possible heroes!

Always remember to set your wishlist to avoid getting bad heroes! Your drop-rate of the top-tier heroes will definitely increase after using it!

afk arena wishlist

Graveborn Wishlist

Strongest faction with a lot of amazing heroes and therefore a lot of competition to make it into the Wishlist.

daimon Daimon

SI +20 3/9

Best early carry with good transition into late game, will eventually need +30 to stay relevant.

farael Ferael

SI +20 3/9

Amazing debuffing, CC celerity support fits into almost everything, enjoys more investment but doesn’t need it.

thoran Thoran

SI +30 3/9

The biggest downside is that he needs +30 once acquired he is the best PvE carry in the game, still needs some setup, however, those heroes aren’t needed in different comps.

grezhul Grezhul

SI +20 9/9

Insane DPS for boss fights and a great carry/side carry/ tank for PvE.

Oden Oden

SI +20 3/9

Amazing CC, energy stealing hero that has a lot of synergy with GB heroes and more CC, however, has trouble staying alive.

silas Silas

SI +30 3/9

One of the best buff healing supports, that also desired for bossing, however, went down in priority for PvE thanks to Raku replacing Izold in a lot of battles.

Desira Desira

SI +20 3/9 The new GB support with invincibility for the entire team after taking dmg and great healing capabitlities, however rather slow skill set might need Alna comps

izold Izold

SI +30 3/9

For PvE mostly replaced by Raku, however still an amazing carry and also a must-have for Events such as AE.

Elite copies to pick up early on:

nara kelthur baden

  1. Nara E+ only needed for the disruption
  2. Kelthur E+ desired in Thoran cheese
  3. Baden E+ for usef events such as HG

Lightbearer Wishlist

Lightbearer the weakest faction, only appeal is the GOAT Rowan and good Boss fight units in Raine, Rosa, Cecilia, Estrilda.

rowan Rowan

SI 30 Furn 3/9 or 0/9

Rowan is the GOAT of supports in AFK Arena, offering Health Energy and CC to your team while being decently tanky.

raine Raine

SI 10 Furn 3/9

Raine is a decent buff support, allowing allies to deal increased Damage and recover Energy after killing enemies. Aditional buffs with SI and Furn allow her to be good Boss support, however, she struggles with staying alive in PvE, as well as not having a lot of CC of her own.

rosaline Rosaline

SI 20 Furn 0/9

Buff support that allows the hero she’s on to ult more frequently while also having decent damage with her teacups. Her SI increases your ally’s Def and Attack Rating, not a high prio but still decent to have not justifiable to get to +30. Lacks in CC and healing.

gwyneth  Gwyneth

SI 25 Furn 3/9

The only real LB carry however compared to other factions a rather bad carry. Has decent CC against static backline, weak against invading needs investment to perform as a carry, not used for DMG in PvE, mainly for the CC aspect.

estrilda Estrilda

SI Furn Estrilda is a pretty weak hero overall however she has some synergies with Gwen knocking frontline enemies into her stun arrow fired onto backline targets. Her Furn and Attack Buffs allow her to be viable in boss comps as well.

Elite Copies early on:

estrilda cecilla fawkes estrilda

  1. Estrilda out after E/E+
  2. Cecilia E+
  3. Fawkes E+ if you really want to only super niche uses
  4. Estrilda back in

Mauler Wishlist

Worst Faction after LB, overall some decent heroes but not enough to compete with Wilder or Graveborn.

kren Kren

+20 3/9

The go-to Mauler carry with that offers DMG and CC PvE but lacks survivability, meaning he needs setup to survive. Early on your looking to get him to +20 3/9 and later on +30 9/9.

skriath Skriath

+0 3/9

Core hero for 5 pull comps requires the 3/9 to group up the enemies for Eiron to pull them in. Alot of Meta comps require the Eiron Skriath setup outside of that nearly no use for him.

tidus Tidus

+10 3/9

Tidus aggressively launches into enemies while fearing them which synergizes with Kren and 5 pull, but nearly no further use so far in PvE outside of those 2 and not needed in either but nice to have.

brutus Brutus

+20 3/9

One of the best tanks in the game due to barricade and his “Last Grasp” ability doesn’t need to be invested in, but +20 and 3/9 end up increasing the duration by 3 seconds which can end up making a meaningful difference.

numisu Numisu +10 0/9

Best mauler support that has synergie with Ainz and carry teams overall with the abitly “Fanaticism” however not enough to justify using him over other supports in most cases.

skreg Skreg

+20 9/9
A decent tank that enables invade however needs the 9/9, while invade not being prevalent in most of PvE.

antandra Antandra

Would need a not justifiable amount of investment to early on if moved up. Basically a worse Izold.

Elite copies early on:

warek safiya Drez

  1. Warek for Boss fights to E
  2. Safiya E/E+ for 5pull (Shield)
  3. Drez E+ for AE

Wilder Wishlist

2nd best faction with a bunch of amazing heroes.


SI +30 3/9 Best Wilder carry, over took Izolds spot in PvE. Great synergy with one of the
Strongest concepts, CC and hits like a truck only issue is keeping him alive.

eironn Eironn

SI +20 3/9

With Skriath the core of 5 pull, while also having a decent amount of damage and CC. Enjoys all the investment he can get but +30 early on is to much.

tasi Tasi

SI +15 3/9

Offers a insane amount of CC while surviving and distracting enemys, one of the best CC hereos in the game.

lyca Lyca

SI +20 3/9

Well rounded hero with buff, debuff, and dps capabilities that enables specific comps.

saurus Saurus

SI +30 3/9

Required for boss fights insane healing and dps on bosses, but to slow for PvE. Since he is needed for bosses if you cant find a Merc, moves above Lyca in prio, if you can below Pipa in prio.

pippa Pippa

SI +20 3/9

A great CC support that has synergy with Tasi. Also helps pulling of Thoran cheese more consitently. Paired with Oden can result in one of the most fun comps. However, she has trouble staying alive long enough to get off her CC.

Elite Copies to get early


  1. Pipa E early on nice amount of CC
  2. Lorsan E+ only needed for “Gale Force”

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